It’s Monday, November 16th. What Are You Reading?


Oops, I kind of fell off the internet for a bit last week. After keeping busy with work, I was sidelined for a few days with sinus headaches (curse this up and down weather!) and more house hunting. Then the horribly sad news from Paris pushed me toward disconnecting, at least for a short while, in an effort to avoid some of the political nastiness being thrown around before I had time to absorb what had happened.

There wasn’t much time for reading, so I’m still working on Sarah Helm’s Ravensbruck. It’s pretty huge and full of information, so I imagine it will be one that takes me a bit longer. I also started on Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell, which I’m loving. It fits right in with my general US history nerd profile and current obsession with all things Hamilton musical related.

Though it was a few days later than I would have liked, I finally shared the semifinalists for this year’s Book Blogger Top Picks. Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite titles in the open voting round, there are now five titles in each category to choose from if you’d like to head over and vote.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • debnance

    The news from Paris is so sad that it’s hard to face it. But we must, mustn’t we? And we must continue to walk on, in peace and love.

    • Oh absolutely. I needed a bit of time to process before seeing people tweeting about “what could have prevented it”, etc. in an effort to push their political agendas.

  • Ugh – sinus headaches are the worst! Sorry you’ve had those…it hit me a few weeks ago, but all better now. Hope you get some more reading done this week.

  • I love that you are reading the new Vowell (in part, at least) because of Hamilton. Someone mentioned Lafayette this weekend and it took all of my will power not to burst into song…

  • Lafayette in the Somewhat United States sounds like a good one, Shannon; I’m glad you’re enjoying it. This weather is ridiculous; I hate to hear that you are suffering through it. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Really loving Lafayette in the Somewhat United States – it’s just the quick, fun nonfiction I needed to pair with Ravensbruck.

  • That Ravensbruck one looks like a beast. I read A Train in Winter last week (finally) and the women were transferred to Ravensbruck near the end of the war. What an insane place – and that was after they had been at Auschwitz. Going to have to keep this on the radar – can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Ravensbruck looks like really serious reading, and the sad thing is still so much evil in the world.

  • I probably should try reading Vowell again. I mostly enjoyed The Wordy Shipmates but felt she got snarky in a cruel, uncalled for way at times. So I’ve been gun-shy about trying her other books. But gosh I love how she tells a history story! :)

  • Myra Garces Bacsal

    Oh my goodness, I was heartbroken over A Little Life – one of the most beautiful adult novels I read this year.

  • Aw, it sounds like you’ve been having a sort of crummy week, madam. Read something pleasant! No concentration camps!

  • Long time reader, first time commenter – always love to hear what you’re reading, gives my wishlist a boost :)