It’s Monday, November 30th. What Are You Reading?


More like, “It’s Monday and I’d still like pie for breakfast.” Our Thanksgiving was very low-key and relaxing, with pajamas and movies and a little time for reading, too. Definitely not a holiday I can complain about. And great to have before, what I can only assume will be, the upcoming whirlwind of December.

I’m still working on Ravensbruck, but ended up setting aside Beauty Is a Wound again last week. I think it was a book I wanted to like more than I actually enjoyed reading—it was just very difficult for me to feel engrossed. I ended up going with my book club pick for the month, James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time. A quick but really incredible read, which was just what I needed. And now I’m wrapping up Nonfiction November with Being Mortal by Atul Gawande.

The final round of voting is up for Book Blogger Top Picks and will be open until next week. Head on over to make your choices!

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


  • Glad you had a relaxing Thanksgiving! I took my son to the Richmond zoo over Thanksgiving and we saw the cheetah and the lab…adorable! And that zoo is amazing – my son is obsessed and you can get so much closer to the animals than at the Bronx Zoo! Can’t believe its the first time we’ve gone…

    • I was pretty impressed with it, too! I’ve only ever been to much bigger zoos, but that one has some great things going for it.

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    Your low-key Thanksgiving sounds just about perfect to me! I though Being Mortal was excellent… not exactly a fun read, but so much to think about.

  • Pajamas and movies sounds perfect. It wasn’t Thanksgiving weekend up here, but my husband and youngest daughter were away at cubcamp, and since they are the loudest ones in the house, the rest of us had a pretty peaceful weekend. I didn’t get a lot of reading done, though – but I did play a lot of Can You Escape games on the computer with my son. Very addictive. :)

    • Ha! It’s always funny how much a little change can switch up the dynamic of a house. It sounds like a great weekend to me :)

  • The Fire Next Time is so freaking excellent. I’m way overdue for a reread. I’ve heard such good things about Being Mortal, too!

    Yay for chill holiday weekends! My boyfriend and I came back from our trip on Saturday, and we spent the last 36 or so hours of vacation hanging on the couch and binging on Jessica Jones. No regrets.

    • LOVED The Fire Next Time and so glad I finally picked it up.
      My husband and I have totally been binging, too – just finished up Master of None.

  • How are you finding Being Mortal? I checked it out from the library a while back, but had to return it before I read it. Sob. That will teach me not to check out so many books at once!

  • Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving! Sometimes we just have to set aside a book that isn’t working for us.

  • Shannon, I hope you’re enjoying Being Mortal; it sounds like a fantastic read. I’m reading Did You Ever Have a Family right now and I really like it. I wish I could stay home and read all day today; it’s rainy, dreary, reading weather!

  • Amanda

    Yes please- more pie! I have to get Being Mortal and Ravensbruck onto my library list. I think they’ll be 2016 starts. I am trying to get one more nonfiction started in November and began Good Mourning this morning, but I kind of want to punch the book so I might not make it through.

  • Oh, Shannon. You can never go wrong with pie at any time of day. ;) My Thanksgiving was low-key as well, and I actually got a ton of reading in to boot.

  • Bryan G. Robinson

    I keep hearing about Being Mortal, and I will get to it, but with a coworker who just passed away in a fire, I’m thinking it’s a little too soon. So are you liking it? :)

  • What a great way to spend Thanksgiving. I like that green tile of your fireplace. These are some interesting nonfiction books. Ravensbruck sounds intense and eye opening as does James Baldwin’s book. I taught The Devil’s Arithmetic, a historical fiction story about a young girl not appreciating her Jewish heritage and then got transported back in time to that period in history. It was not graphic but leaving it to your imagination was intense.

  • We also had a low-key holiday, doing exactly what we pleased! I read 4 books in 4 days and loved every minute of it! I am now into The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan and am enthralled. December is my self-proclaimed catch-up month! Catch-up on blog posts, reading challenges, etc. :) I love Baldwin’s writing but haven’t read The Fire Next Time. Ravensbruck is on my list… :)

  • One of these days I’m going to do a proper Baldwin binge, and read all his nonfiction and at least give one more try to his fiction, to see how it goes. His writing is just so, so lovely and thoughtful and great.