best books might have missed

2015’s Best Books You Might Have Missed

best books might have missed

Like I mentioned when I rounded up books in this category in 2013 and 2014, sometimes I forget that my internet bubble doesn’t always translate to the real world. Tweets and blog posts and articles might be saturating the bookternet, but just barely reaching a larger audience. While many of these titles certainly aren’t flying under the radar, I would love to have them at the attention of all readers—so, here are ten of 2015’s books you might have missed.

Beneath the Bonfire by Nickolas Butler

Though I loved Nickolas Butler’s novel Shotgun Lovesongs, I was reluctant to pick up his new short story collection. Have to fear, readers! It’s fantastic from start to finish.

The Blue Girl by Laurie Foos

Stark reality is blurred along the edges when serious family secrets are kept hidden through moon pies and a mysterious neighborhood girl.

Dryland by Sara Jaffe

All the angst and grunge of the 90’s plus swimming and self-discovery wrapped up in a great short read.

The Last Pilot by Benjamin Johncock

Wrapped-up in the intensity of the Space Race is a deeply human and beautifully told story lined with vividly real characters.

The Animals by Christian Kiefer

A fantastic blend of crime of literary fiction with truly wonderful writing and a heartbreaking story.

The Tsar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra

I learned my lesson after waiting too long to read Beneath the Bonfire and picked up this short story collection right away. Sometimes I make great decisions. Anthony Marra is such a treasure.

Disgruntled by Asali Solom

Disgruntled straddles the line between YA and literary fiction with near-perfection, highlighting the feelings of isolation and loneliness that come from growing up different.

Dietland by Sarai Walker

Funny and fierce with an incredible message, Dietland takes everything you might expect based on is title and flips it on its head.

Haints Stay by Colin Winette

A total trip of a not-quite-traditional Western with endlessly fascinating characters and perfectly styled writing.

Landfalls by Naomi J. Williams

THIS is what I need and love in historical fiction. A big, giant story based on true events and told from multiple, incredibly interesting perspectives.


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