It’s Monday, December 14th. What Are You Reading?

mondayHappy Monday! I peeking out from behind the boxes that are quickly filling the house and closing me in. All but a select few of my books are packed and I’m not quite sure where anything else is. I would really love to time travel to mid-January, but it looks like I have to suck it up and go through this moving thing.

I’m glad to have some reading encouragement in the form of The Twelve Books of Christmas, hosted by Shaina Reads, with the goal of getting through twelve books in December. I take reading challenges with a million and one grains of salt, but they can be a good push. I’m four books in this month and moving on to One Child by Sarah Conly, which presents a pretty interesting argument for the morality of limiting procreation. On the total opposite end of the spectrum, my book club met and exchanged gifts over the weekend, and I got a copy of Lauren Redniss’s Thunder & Lightning. It is absolutely gorgeous, so I’m reading it right away.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?