It’s Monday, December 28th. What Are You Reading?

honor girl muscle

It is Monday, right? I’ve definitely lost track. We had a very low-key Christmas, which was a little strange, but nice and relaxing. Rather than take our usual trip back to Michigan, we did some final packing, movie watching (The Force Awakens and Brooklyn, plus a binge of Making a Murderer), and a ton of lounging. Most of my books are packed, but I have a pretty wild stack checked out from the library and a little box I’ve kept open, so the reading is still going strong.

I’m still working my way through The Queen of the Night, which is a decent sized chunkster, but the story is really starting to unfold in interesting ways. I also picked up Sunil Yapa’s Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist the other day and quickly devoured it. Now I’m reading Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash and hoping I can get through one or two more titles before the end of the year.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


  • Hmm I think I spy some styling changes since I last visited. Your reading sounds great and all the best for the big move coming soon, a lot of work but exciting too.

  • LuAnn Braley

    Visiting from It’s Monday What Are You Reading at The Book Date.

    All of these books look interesting! Will be looking forward to the reviews! I’ve ‘discovered’ binge-watching for myself in the last couple weeks – mostly series on Netflix: iZombie, Marvel’s Jessica Jones and 4 seasons of Once Upon a Time.

  • I can’t wait to see Brooklyn (I don’t think it comes out in Australia until late January). Will be interested to see your review on your books. All the best for the move!

  • Heather

    I love your new header – it looks very you!

    The Queen of the Night sounds fantastic – I hope it continues getting better for you. I’ve seen loads of people raving about Making A Murderer and surprisingly it’s actually on Netflix here in Australia (we don’t always get everything) so I think I’ll definitely check it out.
    I just started reading a weird collection of short stories by Patricia Highsmith, called Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes. It’s not at all what I thought it would be but it’s pretty great and I’m enjoying it.

    Good luck with the move :-)

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    Love the new look!! We were supposed to see Brooklyn last week, but ran out of time. Hopefully we’ll get there in the next couple of days. Good luck with the move.

  • Right now I’m reading Finders Keepers by Stephen King and it has been a pretty interesting book so far. I have The Queen of the Night on my ereader ready to go, so hopefully I will get around to it soon. I’m glad to hear that it’s interesting.

    • It took me a bit to get settled into The Queen of the Night, but I’m really liking it now – hope it works for you when you pick it up!

  • Good luck with the move! I’m floundering in the reading department right now and just want a great novel to get lost in. Love your new look btw. Any tips for where to design a logo. I’m not self-hosted, just need a place to design a banner/logo.

    • Thanks! There are some designers on Etsy that offer logo design for pretty good prices, you may want to check there :)

  • I have Your Heart is a Muscle etc coming up for me, and it’s good to hear it’s a quick one. I think that’s what I need right now to get back into the swing of things! And for real… will they EVER release the TOB16 list???? I remember it being released in December last year… so what’s the deal!?!

  • Did you like The Force Awakens? I am having a hard time separating, like, how excited everyone is about it? from what I actually think of it. Because I know I very much WANT to like it, and I’m wondering if that’s affecting me. Though either way I will probably buy it on DVD next year.

    I am reading a book about circuses! It’s fascinating! Though it doesn’t at all make me want to run away and join the circus. I am not cut out for that life.

    • I lovedddd TFA, but I had pretty low expectations going in. I’m not part of the Star Wars fandom (I hadn’t seen the trilogy until this year and they were…you know, okay), but I was just totally charmed by Rey and Finn. And REY.

  • Oh, I just saw “Making a Murderer” pop up on Netflix. I will have to let my husband know it is binge-worthy!

    • YESSSS. We watched all ten episodes in less than 24 hours. It will make you furious, but it’s super good.

      • Actually, my husband already watched it and did the same thing. He was up until 4 AM watching it. I caught the last episode. I do remember the case but didn’t know the full details. Yes, it does make you furious.

  • We were on our way to see The Force Awakens on Christmas afternoon, but my husband has a serious case of the crud (very medically-sound diagnosis) due to spring flowers and trees blooming again in our area. Instead, I spent time with my new coloring books and started The Longest Night; it’s really good, so far. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous, Shannon!

    • Oh yuck, hope your husband is feeling better soon!! This weather is throwing everyone for a loop – we had 70 degree weather yesterday, 40 degree today, and it’s supposed to be back in the 70’s tomorrow.

  • I’m so curious to hear your thoughts on Heart is a Muscle…it doesn’t seem to be in my wheelhouse at first glance, but I keep hearing buzz about it. Your Christmas sounds nice and relaxing…and perfect for all the rain Richmond has been drowning in.

  • I’m glad you’re getting things packed up; I would be a total slacker. I always loved going to the movie theater at Christmas and missed it this year.

  • Honor Girl is one of those Netgalley books I never got around to finishing, and I’m kicking myself! Enjoy these last few books of the year!

  • So how good is the Sunil Yapa novel? Is it the first great read of 2016? Or over-hyped?