It’s Monday, January 25th. What Are You Reading?

and again democracy in black

Sticks arm out from mountain of snow and waves.

Like pretty much all of the East Coast, we’ve been trapped at home since Friday, which has been…interesting? Let me just echo Kerry’s thoughts on the snowy weekend. Though I desperately wanted to spend more of my time reading, I’ve been so easily distracted lately. Between all the little (and a few big) decisions we’re making for the house, anxious feelings over grad school acceptance, and the test prep work I have due today and next week, my brain is all over the place. I’ve been either hunkered down trying to block out everything and work or mindlessly browsing the internet with very little dedicated reading time in between.

It doesn’t help that most of the reading I am doing is good, but not great. It just feels like a classic reading slump. I finished Gold Fame Citrus last night and loved the writing, but was a little let down by the story. Now I’m reading And Again by Jessica Chiarella and Democracy in Black by Eddie S. Glaude Jr. After that? I have no idea. My mood is guiding me to some strange places lately, though I do hope to knock out at least a few more from the Tournament of Books Short List.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • Kay

    I think And Again looks interesting. I’m reading The Gates of Evangeline and am liking it so far. I think it will suit me just fine. Have a good week! Hope everything settles down a bit.

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    It’s easy to get distracted from reading with so many other things happening. And Again sounds promising… I’ll be curious to hear what you think. I’m still reading City on Fire, a good book, but too long!

  • I kind of get like that when it gets all snowy too… like YES an excuse to stay home and not feel guilty!… but then nothing that I would normally want to do when I’m at home happens… what’s with that. I’ve heard a few things about “And Again” so I’m interested to see what you think…

  • Oh, lady, we are in the same boat minus about an extra two or three feet of snow (how much did RVA end up with?!). I was hoping to read all day on Saturday during the blizzarding, but I think I only got a few hours in. As we discussed already, all of my reading is enjoyable, but nothing is shouting at me to be read. So hard to focus!

    I hope you dig yourself out of all that snow and slumpage soon!

    EDIT: Also, Democracy in Black sounds awesome. Please let me know ASAP what you think!

    • I will definitely let you know! I heard the author on NPR and he was super interesting, so I’m looking forward to reading more.

  • Reading slumps are no fun! I’ve started being intentional about my reading times, and I no longer read on the weekends. The forced breaks have prevented reading slumps (knock on wood!). Hope you have a calm week with no more snow!

  • I felt the need to do other, non-reading things, this weekend, as well; things I normally hate to do, like cleaning. It’s so interesting to me that others have experienced the same struggle! I think your comment on Gold Fame Citrus hits the nail on the head; I did not finish it, but had intentions to request it again from the library. I may pass now…thanks for sharing your experience. Are you still snowed in? Can you get out today? So crazy.

  • I recently listen to the audio book version of Between the World and Me. I have yet to gather my thoughts on it, I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to bring anything together, but it was powerful. It sounds like Democracy in Black would be a great follow-up read.

  • Sorry to hear about the reading slump. I feel your pain. I thought I was out of mine but I had to abandon The Valley of Amazement last night because if I had to read one more sentence about Violet’s “pudenda” I was going to lose my mind.
    How do you read things like Democracy in Black and not want to burn it all down?
    Finally, I’m jealous of your snow. I would have loved an excuse to not leave my house all weekend or today.

    • Ah, good for you for DNFing! It’s one of my goals this year.
      It’s so hard not to just be a rage ball with books like Democracy in Black, so I definitely space them out, but feel so drawn to them!

  • Sorry you were flailing around last weekend…sounds like reading flailingness was going around :) And hope ya’ll are digging out OK…I know (from being there during last Feb’s storm) that Richmond doesn’t exactly have snow removal mastered!!

    • Richmond is NOT good at snow AT ALL. It’s almost laughable (especially being from Michigan), but it’s infuriating at the same time.

  • Reading slumps are the worst. Hope this week goes better.


    I feel you, I’ve been having a reading slump for a while, but right now I’m reading Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry and it’s such an easy read so I think I’ll get through it easily :D

  • Is it a reading slump when you enjoy what you are reading but nothing really grabs you mind, heart, and soul? Because that seems to be my problem lately.

    Good luck breaking your slump! I will be curious what your mood tells you to read next.

  • You got all the snow we wanted down here. :P But, I did get three snow days that made for a one day work week. :) And Again is really one I’ve had my eye on lately and have added to my list. I can’t wait to see your thoughts on it. I was in a reading slump last week after getting a bad taste in my mouth after a book, but my slump ended a couple of days later, so there’s hope to be found!

    • I’ve been off since Thursday, too (and still no work tomorrow!), so I can’t complain that much ;) Hopefully I can catch some of your better book mojo!

  • How much snow did Richmond get? Did it get as much as the DC area? What a storm. Hope you can dig out — from the snow and the slump.

    • We didn’t get quite as much as DC or SW Virginia, somewhere around 15″, but the city is just awful with snow removal so it’s taking FOREVER to get the plows through. We finally ventured out today, though, and it felt great!

  • I’ve also been–I don’t know if I’d say underwhelmed, but at least not blown away–by anything I’ve read yet this year. Well, one book I’m reading right now might do that, but mostly I’d say my reading has been stuck in the “mid range”.

  • You will get accepted the hell out of your grad schools. This is what I believe. ShanNON ShanNON ShanNON ShanNON.

    This Monday I finished a book from my OWN SHELVES that has been sitting there since, oh, I don’t know, it’s been at least two years. So I am pleased with myself for that, and I have listed it on PaperbackSwap to get rid of it and clear my shelves.

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  • Oooh…Democracy in Black sounds so good! :) I have hit it big with my latest reads: Two Boys Kissing, H is for Hawk, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, Our Souls at Night, and The Penguin Lessons. All amazing!! :)

  • I think sometimes it’s just frustrating to read a string of books that hit you the same way. Readers thrive on different kinds of books and I always have an easier time articulating my thoughts when I love one and hate the next.

    I hope this week is a good one for you, whether you find lots of time to read or not!

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