It’s Monday, March 14th. What Are You Reading?

Shelter The Song Machine

Oh, you guys, it’s been quite a week. I’m a huge political junkie, but even I’m starting to feel worn out and stressed by this election cycle. I wish I could say that the weekend’s Trump craziness pushed me to turn off the news and crack open a few extra books, but I seem to be glued to all of it, no matter how much it makes me lose it. Please be sure to send help if my tweets just turn into a random series of letters.

I did manage a little reading between the madness. After finishing up last week’s books, I picked up and finished Christian Kiefer’s tiny little novella One Day Soon Time Will Have No Place Left to Hide in a single sitting over the weekend, which was the perfect way to set a good reading groove. Now I’m digging into The Song Machine by John Seabrook, my book club’s pick for March, and Shelter by Jung Yun. I’ve been really struggling to love fiction this year, so I’m hoping Shelter will suck me in and finally get things going.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?