February Reading Wrap-Up

Reading Wrap-Up: February 2016

February Reading Wrap-Up

While I can’t say I loved February all that much more than January, it definitely feels like things are starting to fall into place around here. We’re getting to a good point of being settled in the new house and some of the work that took up time this month is behind me. Onward toward Spring and all the nicer weather it promises to have in store!


Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey
When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanthi
Tender byBelinda McKeon
While the City Slept by Eli Sanders
Oreo by Fran Ross
Girls & Sex by Peggy Orenstein

Best Book of the Month

Tender byBelinda McKeon

Listening To

A stupid number of political podcasts, to be honest. I geek out over elections and tend to seek out pretty specific commentary in place of 24-hour TV news. I do balance it with a bit of fun, though, and right now I’m in love with the Still Buffering podcast, which is hosted by a pair of sisters who are 17 years apart and talk about the differences between life as a teenager today and…a while ago. The How to Communication episode (I’ll embed it here!) had me rolling, baffled, and stupidly nostalgic all at the same time.


This is kind of a garbage time of year for TV, but there’s one light! Togetherness is back and I’m so ridiculously happy it’s just as good as the first season. It’s funny and heartbreaking and I adore it.

Looking Forward To

BEA! Everything’s starting to get official, so it’s pretty exciting. I was super bummed to miss last year, so I’m glad it will be working out this time around. It’s much further away, but I’m also looking forward to getting started with grad school (I got in!). I’m sure I’ll be whining about it before you know it, but at this point I just really miss being in school…it’s my favorite (allow me to adjust my glasses).


  • Congrats on grad school!! Oh, I wish I were going to BEA. I’ll just have to armchair it, this year.

    • Thank you!
      Armchair BEA is a fun time, though! I’ve done it in the years I haven’t gone and always enjoy it.

  • Ha yeah, I’ve been spending way too much time bouncing between CNN and Fox news (and yelling at everyone lol). I’m such a politics geek and this election is shaping up to be one for the history books squeel :D

  • Jennine G.

    Did you like Ways to Disappear? My sister, who rarely picks up books, picked it up for her vacation and then I kept seeing it everywhere!

    • It was good! I really liked that it focused on the relationship between an author and her translator – not something you see all that often.

  • Tender wins for me this month too! How’d you like When Breath Becomes Air?

    • It was VERY good – reminded me a bit of Being Mortal (not sure if you’ve read that!) and a few other books I’ve read recently, but it was a good, quick read.

  • Kailana

    I have never heard of Belinda McKeon before. I will have to check into her!

  • Heather

    That podcast is hilarious and makes me feel like I’m 90 years old.

    I hope you have a nice March :-)

  • Glad you’re getting into the swing of things. Happy March!

  • Oh you sweet thing! You’re killing me with all the new amazing things I have to try. I’m addicted to Note to Self and now will have to check out Still Buffering and Togetherness. Can’t wait to see you in Chicago for BEA!

  • Oh this reminds me I need to check out Still Buffering. I started listening but The Hubs was totally not into it, and I haven’t had the chance to get back to it! Must remedy! Interested to hear your thoughts on Oreo… should I give it another chance?

    • P.S. CONGRATS on grad school! I’m glad that part of my life is over… but I say this knowing I will likely forge on ahead with a PhD someday down the road. Never ending schoolishness…

      • I felt the same way when I finished my Master’s and now I’m just going back to school forever and ever ;)

  • Congratulations about the grad school stuff! :) I hope you will continue to read and blog like this, and I hope you will not let reality to intrude. ;)

    I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on ‘When Breath Becomes Air’. It’s on my shelf, but I am scared that it is going to break my heart. So, I am procrastinating. :)

    Have a great March!