It’s Monday, April 4th. What Are You Reading?

The Girls Gunning of America

Back at it today after a successful Spring Break of both relaxing and getting things done. Other than the planned yard work, which was partially interrupted by the discovery of carpenter bees chomping on our front porch, we also did some day trips and took the first steps in finishing our dining room (ordering this stencil). Everything, except for those bees, was much needed, so Monday doesn’t feel so bad this week.

I finished up the books I started last week before the weekend rolled around, just as Emma Cline’s upcoming novel The Girls hit my mailbox. It’s not out until June, but there’s a ton of buzz swirling around it and I couldn’t resist the pull of a promising read. I have about 100 pages left to go, but it’s definitely making for a great start to April. The Girls gobbled up so much of my attention that I didn’t even choose a second read, though there are a few I’ve been eyeballing. I’ll likely pick up one of the many library books I have stacked up or an upcoming nonfiction title, perhaps The Gunning of America?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • That sounds like the perfect spring break! I tend to feel most accomplished when I get lots of things done and find time for some quality rest and relaxation.

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    The Girls looks really good! It caught my eye on NetGalley, so maybe I’ll have to request it after all…

  • Oooh, I have a digital galley of The Girls, and have also been hearing nothing but praise. Can’t wait to give that one a go in a bit! Boo to the bees, but glad you had an enjoyable break! Make sure to share photos of your finished stenciling project!

  • hillary roberts

    The Girls Look interesting!!

  • I just googled Emma Cline (the name sounded familiar) and see that she got $2 million for a 3 book deal. The Girls must be something! I’ve added it to my list. The Gunning sounds like one of those rage-y reads that I don’t think I can handle again for a couple of weeks. But I’m interested to hear what you think of it!

  • Judy B

    Thanks for the intro to two books that I would not have considered by myself.

  • YAY – so glad to hear The Girls is living up to the hype! I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out until June to read it. Will probably tackle it sometime in May…if not before.

  • I cannot wait to get around to reading The Girls!

  • The Gunning of America sounds interesting – as a Canadian I’ve always found the apparent obsession of some Americans with guns to be confusing and unsettling….so it would be interesting to read a perspective on it.

  • I do love your nonfiction choices, will need to add Gunning of America to the tbr. Happy reading :)

  • Ooh will keep an eye out for your verdict on the gun book. It’s Monday and I am finishing the second book in a sci-fi trilogy that’s entrancing me, plus reading a mystery novel that features GENOCIDE and all the fallout from that. Super fascinating.

  • The Gunning of America… sigh. It sounds like one of those books I want to read and should read, but am scared to, kwim?

    • I definitely do! This one seems a bit more like a history and less political, but it’s still able to get me a little fired up.

  • I started reading Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng, but gave up because it’s so sad. I picked up Ready Player One yesterday and I’m enjoying it so far. The Girls sounds like a bit of a thriller, would you say so?

    • The Girls sounds like it has the premise of a thriller, but the plot is actually set out pretty early in the novel and it’s much more about the writing (which is wonderful!)