Are You Ready for a New Edelweiss?


If you’ve been around River City Reading for a while, you’ve certainly heard me gab about my love for Above the Treeline’s Edelweiss, a website that consolidates publishing catalogs, more than once or twice. The site is a treasure trove of information, but it has a bit of a learning curve and can be a beast to navigate. That’s about to change, ladies and gents! Even better? It’s changing this summer.

Several months ago, I saw news of an upcoming site redesign and threw my name in the ring for beta testing. I’ve been noodling around with Edelweiss+ for the last week and I’m so excited about some of the new features. News this good is hard to contain. So, after confirming with Above the Treeline that it’s cool to spill the beans, here’s what Edelweiss users can look forward to very soon.Edelweiss

Visual Appeal

The outdated, itsy bitsy homepage is out the door and a visually appealing dashboard is in. There are even little glasses all over the site that pop up anything you want to read in a bigger version. The homepage is all customizable, so you can choose what to see (or not see), and filled with 100% more books than the previous version.

Publisher Ratings

Similar to NetGalley, where you can mark specific publishers as favorites, Edelweiss+ makes it possible to mark publishers with one star, two stars or three stars. Those designations can then be used to make browsing catalogs and books simpler.

Familiar Navigation

Though the site itself is revamped in a way that will feel much more intuitive to new users, Edelweiss+ follows similar navigation so you don’t have to go through the process of re-learning how to find what you’re looking for. Almost everything new is new in a way that makes things easier.

Saved Filters

Saved Filters

I’m saving the best for last here because I know many of us spend much of our time browsing catalogs on Edelweiss, which can be a monumental task. Part of what makes it so time consuming is whittling down the sheer volume of titles on the site. Thankfully, Edelweiss+ has added the option to save search filters. Instead of entering the same parameters each time you browse for books, you will now be able to save what you’re searching for. Added bonus? You can apply the saved search filters across the site, like when you’re browsing digital review copies. It’s a total game changer!