It’s Monday, May 23rd. What Are You Reading?

Shrill Happy Family

So, it’s Monday and the post-BEA funk is real. It’s still raining, I have too many to do lists hanging over my head, this election is driving me batty, and the bookternet (which usually gives me warm fuzzies) seems extra prickly/passive-aggressive. Maybe I’m just feeling that because I’m in a funk. Either way, it all makes me want to curl up and hide out, so that’s about all I’ve done this week.

I read a bunch. Well, compared to what I’ve been reading. I put off several things I hoped to get done (because that’s going to help, right?) and picked up some books. Lindy West’s Shrill showed up in my mailbox last week and it was exactly the type of funny, engaging read I needed. I also wrapped up Alyson Foster’s new short story collection, Heart Attack Watch, which added another notch to the Short Story Month belt. Now I’m digging back into Wise Blood (I completely forgot about starting it just before leaving for BEA) and picking up Happy Family by Tracy Barone. The sun is supposed to come out this week and I’m one week closer to some downtime in June, so everything’s looking up.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?