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Library Checkout: May 2016

library checkout

Oh, hello. Hey there. I guess it’s almost the end of May, huh? So…about those library books. I didn’t read any this month. What’s that? You’re wondering if I just stopped using my library? Oh, well…no. No, I keep putting things on hold and then not reading them because I’m a horrible, impulsive person. And then there’s that whole trip to BEA, which saddled me with enough books to last through the rest of the year. But I still want to hear what you’ve been reading and holding! Maybe it will encourage me to do better.

Library Books Read


Checked Out, To Be Read

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans de Waal

Returned Unread

The Book of Memory by Petina Gappah

On Hold

Evicted by Matthew Desmond
We Were Feminists Once by Andi Zeisler
Getting Things Done by David Allen
Boy Erased by Garrard Conley
Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler
American Girls by Alison Umminger (publishes June 7th)
The Fire This Time by Jesmyn Ward (publishes August 2nd)
Suns and Daughters of Ease and Plenty by Ramona Ausubel (publishes June 14th)
Sex Object by Jessica Valenti (publishes June 7th)
The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan (publishes July 19th)

How was your library reading in May?

  • Ha, if you were me, all the books on hold would come in all at once! :–)

  • I’m loving Sweetbitter right now…I’m a total food person and have always been kind of obsessed with the NYC restaurant scene, so it’s hitting the spot! Better library luck in June :)

  • I returned two unread just last week because I have too many books sitting on my shelf that take priority. I really hope you get to read Evicted soon; I loved it. I’ll take this opportunity to express my neon flashing, chartreuse envy over your BEA book haul. ;)

  • I’m so sad you returned The Book of Memory without getting to it! That one’s been in the back of my mind since I first read the blurb, but my libraries still have not deigned to stock it. Boo.

    But look at all those holds! I got an ARC of THE FIRE THIS TIME that I’m super excited to get to, and I’ve wanted to read EVICTED since Kerry raved.

    I hope June’s library reading goes better!

  • Haha, the library can be such a mixed experience! I have a big stack sitting at my house but decided to leave aside the ones I checked out earliest in favor of one I just got. Some will probably go back unread…what can you do?
    I hope you get some great books in June!

  • MANY on your holds list I have high hopes of getting to (one of these years!) – Sweetbitter, Boy Erased, and Sex Object, to name a few. I sucked it up on the library front the last two months… although did finally just pick up “Everything Is Teeth” by Evie Wyld. Been looking forward to that coming out for quite a while now, and it should be too terribly taxing to get through.

  • I always think of compulsively adding billions of books to my hold list as a good thing, then I don’t have to explain to my hubby why the CC bill is so high!

    Evicted is very good in the sad way that the SJ books are. I am itching to get my hands on Sweetbitter, but I am 10th on the list.

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  • Gosh don’t you hate it when you have to return something to the library without getting to it. Like I finally got The Sympathizer which just won the Pulitzer Prize but I’m swamped with other things at the moment but if I return it — then I’ll go back on the wait List. Hmm. quandaries.

  • Hahaha, join me in this self-loathing, PLEASE.

  • Mwahahahaha I have so many books out from the library. It’s preposterous. I am going to do a whole post about it because it’s a disgrace and somebody needs to shame me.

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  • Deb

    I love my library e-book system. This month I read Half of a Yellow Sun and now I’m reading Everybody’s Fool by Richard Russo. I had to send back City of Fire because I wasn’t going to have time for that one.

  • I need to get back into the swing of these monthly postings. The book club I facilitate has been considering books for this next year’s reading schedule, so I have had 30-40 books checked out each of the last two months, but most of them for the other book club members to see and look at for consideration! Now that we have that schedule set, I’ll be able to rejoin the monthly tracking of library books that are just for me! :) I find it more difficult NOT to read library books and to read the ones I own, however. I’m a mess! :)

  • I really wish that my library system allowed me to put upcoming releases on hold; there are very few that are entered into the catalog before they are released. For May, I only had audiobooks on hold/checked out to listen to during my commute and running, and I need to start looking for more!

  • May really seemed to get away from us, eh? Thanks for still putting up a post so that we can play! I can’t remember such a productive month…but that meant that my reading definitely took a hit. Ah well, fresh start in June! Some of those books you have on hold sound really good!

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  • I got through quite a bit, mostly thanks to Bout of Books giving me a kick in the pants. But life is about to get super crazy, and I have a feeling a good chunk of my “currently out” books I won’t actually get around to this month.

  • Amanda

    That’s the best part of the library though right? Those books that you returned will still be there when you’re reading! I need to resist the hold button basically.

  • Let’s start a club….Library Holds vs. Backlist vs. BEA ARCs vs. TBR List (I know you don’t have one) vs. Friends’ Recs vs. Books on My Shelf I Bought…..woes. My head is swimming with all the books and thinking about which to pick up is maddening.

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