It’s Monday, June 27th. What Are You Reading?

Invisible Man Sport of Kings

Oof, someone remind me not to put off weeding and yardwork, even if it’s hot and I hate it. I spent hours weeding and mulching several beds yesterday and I am hurting. I did get a few new things planted (hydrangea! creeping jenny!), but my backyard is still a disaster and I’m wondering if maybe one day I’ll get to enjoy it all. On the upside, I rewarded myself with a nice rewatch of Inside Llewyn Davis and a few hours with Oscar Isaac, so I can’t complain too much.

I’m still working my way through C.E. Morgan’s The Sport of Kings and still loving it, but it’s long. Did I mention it’s long? I broke it up a bit with Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching by Mychal Denzel Smith, which was a pretty fantastic memoir and a super quick read. I’m still turning over which book I’m headed to next, but I have my eye on some September releases.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • BethFishReads

    September releases? ARGH. I’m still catching up with spring. LOL

    • Ha! I totally understand. I don’t necessarily read in order and I’m trying to get to some of the big titles that are coming out later this year when I start school (I’m worried I may not get to them at all otherwise!).

  • Yardwork is for the birds… literally at my house these days. I’m sure all your hard work looks beautiful :)

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    There is so much yard work to do around here, and I’m trying to get it all done before our 4th of July party… sometimes I wish I lived in a condo! The Sport of Kings looks great.

  • I’m having to tackle the yard work this week. Ugh! I used to love it because it was so therapeutic, and I would sit outside and soak up the sunshine while enjoying the visual fruits of my labor. Now? Not so much. Especially when it’s 99 degrees outside. I choke and gasp. I’m interested in what you think about The Sport of Kings.

    • I thought it wouldn’t be so bad yesterday since it was “down” to 85, but I had the sunny side of the house and it was HOT. I guess I lucked out by avoiding a burn?

  • I totally know what you mean about yard work. We just moved, but our last house came with a massive amount of landscaping. The year we re-mulched, we had to get 20+ yards (that’s like two dump trucks full)! I love gardens, but gardening isn’t a huge hobby of mine, and it’d be soooo hard to muster up the motivation to go out and weed. By then it would have become an overwhelming task that would take hours — I would be so sore from all that bending over! We’re military so we knew we’d only be there for three years, but if we were staying long-term we definitely would’ve done away with some of the landscaping. I want a gorgeous garden — AND someone to take care of it for me!

    • Oh my gosh, that’s SO much mulch! Thankfully, we’re nowhere near that, but it *seemed* like a ton of work.

  • Oh, I really need to get to the Mychal Denzel Smith. It was one of the BEA grabs I was most excited about!

    Hooray for new flowers, but boo for soreness. :( I hope it’s at least the accomplished kind of hurt.

  • Lauren @ Malcolm Avenue Review

    Well, hell. When YOU think something is long, that gives me pause no matter how good it is. Should this length-hater keep it on her list? I bought Whole World Watching expressly because author is going to be nearby on Thursday. Do you think I’ve gotten anywhere near it? Of course not. Blerg.

    • It’s just taking me so much longer to get through long books lately – urgh!
      I would LOVE to hear Mychal Denzel Smith speak if I had the chance!

      • Lauren @ Malcolm Avenue Review

        Perhaps I’m finally luring you over to the benefits of the dark side? :)
        He’s here on Thursday, but at 1:00 in the afternoon. Bleh.

  • Kailana

    Someone else planted all our flowers and they are pretty low maintenance… We did plant a vegetable garden this year, though, and that has been exciting!

  • V. pumped for the Mychal Denzel Smith book. Meanwhile I am glad you have planted some creeping jenny and I hope that it makes your backyard lovely and doesn’t take over everything like kudzu. It sounds like it is basically kudzu. Frankly.

  • The Sport of Kings is on my list. Happy Reading!

  • The Sport of Kings has sounded good every time you mention it on the blog or social media. I’m not really in the mood for super long books right now, but it’s on my mental list for a future date when I’m less finicky.

  • Not having to do yard work is one of the things I treasure most about apartment life lol. (Of course, I’m also about to move for the fifth time in three years, so it does have its drawbacks.) I’m sure your yard will be beautiful!