It’s Monday, June 6th. What Are You Reading?

Natural Way Long Shadow

Here’s what happened since we last talked: My family came to visit and it was a super wonderful whirlwind. I hit a pothole the biggest pothole on Earth and destroyed my car’s rim and tire, which are scheduled to be fixed tomorrow. I caught a cold from my adorable goober of a nephew and spent all weekend dead/sleeping.

So, reading didn’t really happen. Neither did the reviews and posts I planned to write for this week. I think I’m going to call it a wash and pop back in next Monday all freshened up. For now, I’m finishing up The Natural Way of Things (yes, still!). I have just a wee bit to go, but didn’t have the focus or healthy brain to dedicate to it over the last week. After that, I hope to jump into The Long Shadow of Small Ghosts for this round of the Social Justice Book Club (you can still join in!).

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • Well, I’m glad to hear that the family visit went well…other than the transmission of germs – ha! I hope you’re beginning to feel better and that this week is uneventful and full of reading!

  • Ti Reed

    Potholes. Hate.Them.

    I am sorry you got sick but I am glad you had some time to spend with the family beforehand.

  • I had a week like that a few weeks ago – totally got wrapped up in my offline life and put all reading and writing on pause. I am not knocking it. It’s important to take a breather now and then!

  • Oh, whirlwind is right! I hope this week is better for you and that you feel better, too.

  • Toddler germs are super virulent for sure! Here’s to hoping you’re on the up and up.

  • Kailana

    I hate potholes. One we hit did some damage to the underneath of my car that we had to fix….

  • UGH – I’m sorry about your car…that’s so frustrating! And all the toddler germs. They’ll get ya! I’ve got Long Shadow on my list for Nonfiction Nov…or maybe before, but probably not in time for SJ book club unfortunately.

    And – I finally figured out my library’s Overdrive system, so I’ll hopefully be joining in for Library Checkout soon!

  • Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I was sick in bed last week, so I got a bit behind on my posts as well. This week I just finished Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. Now I’m finally getting around to reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. With the movie coming out this fall, I decided I better see what all the fuss is about. I hope you feel better soon!

  • Lauren @ Malcolm Avenue Review

    Well, that was quite the peak and valley week, wasn’t it? I found a used copy of Long Shadow (as much as used books creep me out, neither of my libraries has a copy, how can that be?) and it’s on the way to me, so hopefully I’ll be able to join you. Ditto on Natural Way, I pre-ordered a copy and hope to shove it at the top of the queue when it arrives. As for my reading now, I’m almost finished with eversion of the new Noah Hawley, which is good as everyone says though getting a bit long in the tooth. Audio (second of Adrian McKinty’s The Troubles Trilogy) and tree book (latest Spenser) are just for me because I was about to throw all books out the window and needed some things that felt like home. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Oh, P.S., are you watching Madam Secretary? I was talked into it and think you might really like it.

  • Eek! Well I am glad you got to see your family, even if they did get you sick, and very glad that your pothole accident at least did not lead to any injuries. Rest up!

  • Have one more book to read before this weekend (Yes, I know it is already Thursday, and am definitely hoping it will be a quick read!) and then plan to read The Long Shadow! :) YAY! Oh, my, I did the “pothole from hell” thing several years ago. What a pisser! New rim, new tire, too much money!! Oh, well, the trials and tribulations of driving! Glad for your family time–sorry about your sick time! :(

  • My parents visited me last week too. I dropped everything for almost a week and it’s a bit hard to get caught back up! Hope you’re feeling better soon. As well as the car! Damn those potholes. ps. I’m reading a quickie read of Before the Fall right now — which suits the chaotic life at the moment.

  • I’ve seen a bunch of people excited about The Natural Way of Things, I’m definitely curious. Hopefully your week off has been refreshing!

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