It’s Monday, July 18th. What Are You Reading?

I’m actually in a bit of a panic because I just realized we’re now pushing into late July and where did the summer go!?!

The husband and I were trying to plan a quick little vacation for before my classes start (you know, planning we should have done weeks ago), but suddenly we’re limited to a handful of available days. I’m really hoping we can whip some kind of last minute trip together because I’m desperate. If anyone has a favorite, affordable spot that’s within a hop, skip, and a jump of Virginia, throw it my way.


As for the books, I’ve been focused on the way I read this week and it’s led to some positive changes (I’ll talk about it a bit more in depth tomorrow!). I had an amazing time finishing up Marrow Island and have been working my way through the pieces in Charleston Syllabus, which is really good for slow, purposeful reading. I also gobbled up Evie Wyld’s lovely graphic memoir, Everything is Teeth, and now I’m digging into Amy Parker’s short story collection, Beasts & Children.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?