It’s Monday, July 25th. What Are You Reading?

I hope I’m still alive when you’re reading this. It’s supposed to be like six thousand degrees here today, so there’s a pretty serious possibility I either melted or evaporated. Or at least some of my flowers seriously wilted. It’s been a rough road keeping them hydrated the last few days (maybe I avoid being outside at all costs), so I hope they’ll hang on through this spell.

hopefuls children of the new world

I took part in the #24in48 Readathon this weekend, though a bit of an abbreviated version. We had a friend visiting from out of town, so I just did my best to squeeze in some extra reading time. I didn’t come close to 24 hours, but ended up flying through more than I’ve read in a while. I finished up Children of the New World by Alexander Weinsten and Riverine by Angela Palm, which I started earlier in the week, and gobbled up Jacqueline Woodson’s Another Brooklyn in a few hours. Now I’m a little over halfway through The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close, which is proving to be just the light dose of fun wit I’ve been missing.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • One day #24in48 will fall on a weekend that I don’t work! I’m currently just diving into The Fireman by Joe Hill. Can’t wait to see what you think of The Hopefuls. I’ve not enjoyed her previous works much.

  • I read Another Brooklyn too, and loved it! I really really really need to read Brown Girl Dreaming now.

  • Ugh – it’s be SO hot here too! Not enjoyable for my triathlon training!! So glad to hear The Hopefuls is fun…I downloaded the sample and plan to get to it in the next few weeks. And I’ve got Riverine on my radar as well…maybe Nonfiction Nov.

  • Stay cool today! You have blog comments and books to read. ;)

    I’m glad to hear that 24 in 48 was so successful for you! Would you believe me if I told you I completely forgot the readathon was even happening until yesterday? Just goes to show how utterly elsewhere my brain has been lately… Still, I managed to squeeze in 40 minutes for The Natural Way of Things yesterday, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

    • I don’t blame you for losing track and forgetting about the readathon, you have a ton going on! I’m so glad you’re reading The Natural Way of Things, though :)

  • I missed 24 in 48 this weekend, but I did read more than usual during the weekday this time around. I’m calling it a win.

    I will keep an eye out for your final thoughts on The Hopefuls. I liked Girls in White Dresses, so I’ve been debating picking Close’s new book up.

  • It’s been SO hot here, too! Perfect for reading and avoiding going outside altogether :) I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for Riverine.

  • We’re supposed to have the hottest days of summer this week here. I really hope my A/C can keep up because it’s struggling, already. I’ve put a hold on Another Brooklyn at the library (only 5 ahead of me. Yay!). I read the snippets of The Hopefuls that came through my online book club emails last week and really liked them, so I’ve marked it to read sometime in the future. Stay cool and hydrated this week!

    • Oooo, good grab on the early hold for Another Brooklyn! It was a super quick read, so you may not have to wait all that long!

  • While you were enjoying a readathon, I’m entering a bit of a reading slump! I’ve tried to get into a few different books, and it’s just like driving into a wall. I’m going to try out your experiment with 5 days of focused reading and see if that can get me in the mindset!

  • Shannon, I apologize for allowing the heat dome to escape the confines of middle America and reach its devilish fingers to the east; I can relate. We’re dying, too. My husband and I are just praying that our air conditioning unit is up to the task! I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying The Hopefuls; I loved Girls in White Dresses and I’m looking forward to this one. Hope you are staying inside as much as possible!

  • It’s hot here and all the plants are suffering as well. Hope it breaks soon LOL I’m done!!

  • Lauren @ Malcolm Avenue Review

    This is a far cry from that “It’s great to live in RVA!” post, sister. I whine when it gets to 75, so I’m supposing I won’t be your neighbor soon, despite all the benefits of same. Roooooby. Hope you’re surviving, it at least sounds like you have good company and good reading to get you through. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the above!

    • I definitely get whiny about Richmond in July/August, but I’ll resume praise soon :) I’ll forever be jealous of California, though!

  • Yay, glad your reading has been treating you well lately! It’s been pretty hot here too, but I’m sure not as bad as you have it! I’ve been craving a kind of easy reading, lighter book so may have to look into The Hopefuls.

  • What did you think of Children? I have it but haven’t looked at it yet.

    So sorry about the heat. It was that way on our vacation and it was divine to get back to temperate Seattle. I’m ready for rain!

    • I really, really liked Children of the New World – it was creepy and a little terrifying in how real it seemed, but very good.

  • I have yet to get to Another Brooklyn! Love Woodson! The Hopefuls? IDK… :) Riverine really interests me.

    • I loved Another Brooklyn, but Riverine was just okay for me. The Hopefuls is doing the trick for a light read!

  • Still alive? Did you like Another Brooklyn, and can we expect a full review soon? I am super curious about that one!

  • I like how The Hopefuls is about DC life — it seems fun! I must get that one. I’ll put it on my list. Right now I’m reading Shelter.

  • I’m hoping to read “The Hopefuls” soon–I just need to find an opening in my reading schedule!

  • Kailana

    I really need Jacqueline Woodson’s new stuff. I have just read some of her backlist and even that was a while ago.