It’s Monday, July 4th. What Are You Reading?

Lab Girl Christodora

Three day weekends are just perfection, even without major plans. Even if they just mean extra sleep, laziness, and some extra time to finish the weekend list of to-dos, they’re pretty fantastic. We had the added bonus of some great weather (read: not too hot), so we took the pup to the park and spent some time reading on the porch, which we haven’t done as much much since we moved.

After a not-so-great June in Book World, I’m hoping July can help me turn things around and decided not to jump into a new read right away after finishing up The Sport of Kings. Waiting until Lab Girl called to me (especially with so many raves) seemed a good tactic and I’m really enjoying it so far. I also decided to pick up Christodora by Tim Murphy, which isn’t out until August, but has been nagging at me since I heard about it at BEA. The added bonus? I still have the rest of the day off to squeeze in some reading time, so I may get to pick up another.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • TheShrinkette

    Are you doing Lab Girl on audio? I did, and the narration was excellent. I mean, it doesn’t help when you hear the author get emotional when you’re already emotional because the book is tugging at your heartstrings but I will take those major feels anyday. I’ve also had no major plans for the weekend (which I am so grateful for) so it’s been really nice to just chill and read and eat and sleep whenever, wherever. I hope July is the month your reading mojo returns!

    • I was just thinking, I’m so interested in that book but it seems like one I’d prefer on audio. Glad to know you enjoyed it!

  • hillary roberts

    I have the ARC of Christadora. I will start reading it soon. I hope it is good.

  • Enjoy your amazing weather! Just came back from down there and it was really nice. Lab Girl is on my list for Nonfiction November…unless I feel like picking it up sooner or listening to it on audio. Glad it’s working for you so far!

  • Kailana

    I hope July is a great reading month for you, too!

  • Lab Girl is in my up-next-pile. I decided to listen to the audiobook once I heard it was this year’s “H is for Hawk.” Enjoy the third day of the weekend!

  • I’m with you on waiting for books to call to me. Right now, I’ve been meandering my way through the first two volumes of Locke & Key and am really digging Joe Hill’s writing. I’ve never read any of his novels and have seen a lot of good buzz about The Fireman, so that might be up next.

    I hope you love Lab Girl! That’s another that I’ve seen garner universal praise, and I bet it would be right up my alley.

    Happy 4th!

  • Stacey

    I hope you enjoy your books this week. Have a great week.

  • Lab Girl sounds good…it has been a while since I read a memoir!

  • Reading outside has been fabulous, hasn’t it?? I tend to read in our backyard instead of on our front porch because we have a stop sign at the end of our street. Traffic tends to back up a bit and then we have a line of people looking to see what we’re reading!

    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on Lab Girl. I’ve heard great things!

  • Greg Hill

    I love three days weekends, especially when there are no plans and you can just relax. It’s been a quiet 4th of July weekend here. Hope you’re having a nice 4th and happy reading!

  • Three day weekends are heaven! Three day weekends are heaven, and this one was particularly crucial because I was in a wedding on Saturday, so that extra day of recovery was important. I just ate cheese fries and I am watching Silicon Valley and it is fabulous.

  • I’m curious to hear what you think of Lab Girl. I really wanted it when it released but didn’t buy it or seek it out at the library. My interest has kind of dropped it from my radar, but who knows? Aren’t three-day weekends the best thing ever? Well, next to longer weekends, that is. ;)

  • Mystica

    Christodora piques my interest.

  • I just finished reading Lab Girl last week (or rather, listening to the audiobook). I was pretty blown away, both by the writing and Hope Bahrein’s narration, which was excellent for someone who isn’t a trained voice actor.

  • I have Lab Girl too, awaiting. Right now I’m in Calif. at the moment visiting the folks & reading The Girls. spooky

  • Am into Bill Bryson’s THE MOTHER TONGUE (pub. 1990). Started it two days ago and have to finish fast because the friend I borrowed it from is moving into a Retirement Community some distance from me.

  • Ooh, yay, lab girl! I’m excited to hear what you think :)