It’s Monday, July 4th. What Are You Reading?

Lab Girl Christodora

Three day weekends are just perfection, even without major plans. Even if they just mean extra sleep, laziness, and some extra time to finish the weekend list of to-dos, they’re pretty fantastic. We had the added bonus of some great weather (read: not too hot), so we took the pup to the park and spent some time reading on the porch, which we haven’t done as much much since we moved.

After a not-so-great June in Book World, I’m hoping July can help me turn things around and decided not to jump into a new read right away after finishing up The Sport of Kings. Waiting until Lab Girl called to me (especially with so many raves) seemed a good tactic and I’m really enjoying it so far. I also decided to pick up Christodora by Tim Murphy, which isn’t out until August, but has been nagging at me since I heard about it at BEA. The added bonus? I still have the rest of the day off to squeeze in some reading time, so I may get to pick up another.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?