Why Haven’t You Read These Yet?

Or I’m Sorry for Yelling at You About Books I Love. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is focused on our favorite books with less  than 2,000 ratings on Goodreads. I think I have to alter that a bit to really capture what counts as under the radar for me. We’re going to go with books published at least a year ago with fewer than 500 Goodreads ratings (that totally deserve more).


She Weeps Each Time You’re Born by Quan Barry

Historical fiction with a heavy dash of magical realism is probably a pretty hard sell for some people, but I adore this book and feel like it will be a total winner for anyone who loves that combination.


Beneath the Bonfire by Nickolas Butler

Oh, short stories. Everyone thinks they hate them. Maybe you usually hate short stories, but these are a different beast and you should give them a shot (especially if you’re from the Midwest).


Fallen Land by Patrick Flanery

I so wish I could shove this one in a bunch of hands. I’m actually shocked that more people haven’t read it—it’s super intense and eerie while getting to some fantastic commentary on the current state of the American economy.


God is an Astronaut by Alyson Foster

Alyson Foster’s great new story collection just came out to remind me how much I enjoyed her super unique book written in e-mails.


Gabriel: A Poem by Edward Hirsch

Perhaps I talked about how much this destroyed me and it scared you away? Or you heard the Literary Disco team crying over it and didn’t think you could handle it? I think you can. Even if you don’t like or tend to read poetry, you need to read this.


The Animals by Christian Kiefer

I know a bunch of other bloggers loved The Animals and I’ve talked about it quite a bit, so don’t say I tried to keep this one all to myself. It’s that perfect blend of suspense and amazing literary writing that’s so hard to find you just have to treasure it when you do.


Severed by Frances Larson

C’mon, people, a book about the history of severed heads! There are more than 500 of you who are interested and only remotely grossed out by the thought of reading such a thing, I know it.


Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerley Nahm

So, David Connerley Nahm can write, write, write. You need to read his words because they’re incredible (and summer is the perfect time to pick this one up, so get going).


No Country by Kaylan Ray

I love big, sprawling family sagas that take place over several decades and multiple continents and No Country fits perfectly in that little niche.


The Blood of Heaven by Kent Wascom

Violent, bloody historical fiction with beautiful writing also rings all my bells and Kent Wascom nails it. The follow up to this book, Secessia, is also brilliant and definitely worth checking out, too.

Are there any books you’d love to see more people read?