It’s Monday, August 22nd. What Are You Reading?

monday mischling

Well, I’m one orientation down and just a week out from the start of classes, which means I have exactly seven days to read everything left on my shelves (ha!). Really, though, I’m trying to squeeze in a healthy mix of reading, serious-scrubby-cleaning, and relaxing. One of those things is not like the other. Though I’m bummed about my relatively free summer coming to an end, I really just love this time through the end of the year, so bring on Fall.

It looks like this week is all about the tan covered, incredibly depressing (but very good) books, huh? I didn’t plan for it, but somehow landed in the middle of these at the same time, so I think I’m going to need something cheery when I’m done. The good news? Both Affinity Konar’s Mischling and Anuk Arudpragasam’s The Story of a Brief Marriage blew me away in the first few pages so, despite their sad stories, it’s great to be loving what I’m reading.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • I’ve got Mischling on my list, so glad to hear you’re loving it! And I’ve heard good things about A Brief Marriage too. Enjoy the rest of your free time!

  • Kailana

    Hope you get some great reading in before then!

  • I can’t get over how good these covers look together! Not just the colors, but the windy stems of the flowers complimenting the intersecting lines on the other. I’m glad these we’re great, despite being sad, and hope you enjoy your last week of freedom! Starting classes sounds really exciting too though – I miss that a lot.

  • Eve’s Bookish Confections

    Mischling sounds like a wonderfully sad book. I can’t wait to read your review! My library doesn’t have this one on order so I’m thinking I might just preorder. Have a great week!

  • BethFishReads

    Two books on my list! Yes, it’s always great to be loving what you’re reading.

  • Seven days seems like enough to time to read every book on your shelf. :) But truly, I find that I feel I’ve spent a day well when I checked some stuff off my to-do list and got some relaxing/reading done. I hope you find the sweet spot this week!

  • I’ve seen Mischling around, and coming from Lee Bourdreux books is a huge plus in my book. Glad to hear it’s working it for you :)

  • I almost passed Mischling off to a colleague of mine from work (her last name is Misch, and apparently that’s a rather odd name to have on its own as a surname in Germany – she mentioned a few times how Mischling would make a lot more sense), but I ended up not getting around to giving it to her and it came with me to Seattle. You’re making me feel better about that oversight. ;)

    I am so excited to hear all about school! Do you already have all your classes for the new semester sorted? I imagine it’s pretty regimented in a PhD program…

    • Classes are all set! Yeah, pretty much sorted for me at this point – a stats class, a seminar on critical issues, and single subject research design. I want to hear more about how everything is going over there! Have you met anyone in your lab? When are your classes starting?

      • Is it weird that I totally drooled hearing about your class lineup?

        I don’t have a lab as of now, but that could change if I decide I need to take on an RA-ship for some extra $$$. Classes start at the end of September, so I have quite a chunk of time still to devote to exploring, relaxing and reading!

  • Amanda

    Yay for orientation down! That cover for Mischling is drawing me in so I have to look it up. I hope the sad reading is well balanced by fun this week.

  • Mystica

    The Arudpragasam book draws me in. I wonder whether she is Sri Lankan?

  • I think it’s a hilarious coincidence that these two book covers are so similar! I’ve read a lot of heavy, depressing books lately too, but today I finished “The Invisible Library,” which was a delightful fantasy pick-me-up! Tomorrow it’s back to the more serious stuff with “Homegoing” by Yaa Gyasi. Enjoy your last bit of summer!

  • I hope you enjoy your last week of freedom before classes. It seems that Mischling book will be pretty intense. I just finished the light fun book Us by David Nicholls (good for summer) and still am plugging along with The Sympathizer. I’m on the road in Ottawa this week. I forgot how humid the East can be, ouch!

  • I was reading about a university-educated British Muslim woman going through the arranged marriage process — super interesting, and she talked a lot about all the different elements that informed her faith.

    The Story of a Brief Marriage looks fascinating. I’ve read a couple of books about the Sri Lankan Civil War, and it’s really tragic and also really interesting. Always want to read more books about that era.

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  • Lauren @ Malcolm Avenue Review

    Yes, I’m a week behind. In most things. Actually, I’m a bit surprised I’m only a week behind. Both of these interest me, especially when you call them sad. What is it about sad stuff that attracts us? Something to muse about. I just read a set of short stories that wasn’t utterly gutting, but man, trying to find the silver linings was a chore. But I loved them. We are dark, dark people, Shannon. ;)