July Reading

Reading Wrap-Up: July 2016

Well, this month was definitely a welcome change. After cracking down and forcing myself to make some dedicated reading time, I actually read a bunch of books. It’s like magic.

July Reading


Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
Everything is Teeth by Evie Wyld
Marrow Island by Alexis M. Smith
Charleston Syllabus by Chad Williams
Beasts and Children by Amy Parker
Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson
Riverine by Angela Palm
Children of the New World by Alexander Weinstein
The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close
The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel

Best Book of the Month

Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson


I love, love, love the spectacle of political party conventions, so I was tuned in for a solid two weeks. Yes, even for the Republican National Convention, which infuriated and terrified me. Thankfully, it was followed by a much more inspiring and uplifting week from the Democrats (and a bunch of happy sobbing with Hillary’s nomination). Around all that, the husband and I also squeezed in the new Netflix series, Stranger Things, and the second season of Catastrophe on Amazon.

Listening To

Daily podcasts about the conventions? I am a nerd about this stuff, you guys. Before that, though, FiveThirtyEight did this amazing feature on gun deaths in America and then released seven short episodes of their podcast, What’s the Point, each focused on a specific aspect of the problem. They’re fantastic and really, really worth listening to.

Looking Forward To

I’m going to keep up my laziness for a little longer because I have a whirlwind of orientations (four…four different things I need to get oriented to?) coming in a few weeks, followed by the start of classes.

How was your month of July?

  • So much media! Twins as usual. I’ve been drenching myself in podcasts lately (I think I listened to something like 5-6 yesterday, not counting daily news?), and my favorite segment recently was Code Switch’s look at how children of Asian immigrants explain their engagement with BLM to their parents. SO good.

    We are less twinny on the book front – I read a grand total of three in July, and one was a volume of comics. I’m hoping for better numbers in August what with more time off!

    Also, YAY that school is soon! Are you excited??

    • You’re even destroying me on the podcast front! I’ve taken to cleaning a bit more so I can squeeze extras in lately, though, it’s some good motivation ;)

      I’m excited about school, but mostly just anxious, I guess? I feel like it’s been on the horizon for SO LONG.

      • I hear you! It really does seem like you’ve known for ages, but I think it’s still going to be a good change once you get the ball rolling. :)

        And YES, so much podcast listening while I’ve been pulling our place apart for moving!

  • Your 2 weeks of convention watching sounds like what I have coming for the next 2 weeks (in the form of the Olympics…will be watching non-stop). And I’m loving The Hopefuls right now…fitting just perfectly into my streak of lighter reads that are working for me.

  • You did awesome! I also read The Summer That Melted Everything. :-) Happy August!

  • Yes I watched both conventions too. It took up all my time, but I had to. I’m hoping Hillary has it in the bag but I don’t want to jinx anything either. I have Another Brooklyn on my list, as well as Lab Girl, and maybe The Hopefuls b/c of its DC setting. July was good here but we had 3 times more rain than usual which was strange. Enough already! I hope you might have time to keep your blog even during your phd school days. It’s enjoyable. thx.

    • I’m really hoping I can keep things going with the blog! I know my reading will probably take a dip, but hopefully I’ll still have enough to write about (even if it’s a little less frequent).

  • Can’t wait to hear about Everything is Teeth because SHARKS and Evie Wyld. I tried the audio of Lab Girl and quit early on, I hope the tree book is better for you. S2 of Catastrophe. Holy crap. That’s all I’ve got. That show.

    • I didn’t love Lab Girl, either…it was just a little too one note for me. I LOVE Catastrophe and I’m not normally a big comedy fan…but that show just gets me (and helps me get over the fact that Togetherness was cancelled).

      • Lauren @ Malcolm Avenue Review

        I adored S1 of Catastrophe. S2 I felt a little like they were just trying to shock and awe, but I still enjoyed it. I did not see Togetherness, maybe I should check it out. Comedies are HARD.

        • Togetherness is the perfect mix of comedy/heartbreaking wonderful – marriage-focused like Catastrophe. Totally worth watching because it’s just two seasons of 30 min episodes, so it’s quick.

          • Oh, that’s the new Mark Duplass show. I looked it up and now remember it, and also remember hearing good things. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll check it out.

  • Karen

    watching those conventions from afar here in the UK, is an eye opening experience. The audience gets so wound up!

  • I’m so looking forward to completing Stranger Things. I stayed away from watching the conventions, too stressful! But I did watch the speeches the next day because Michelle Obama was perfection.

  • School will be great! YOU will be great! I haven’t watched any of the DNC speeches yet. I want to…but time…I also want to read and blog! :) Another Brooklyn. One I definitely want to read this month! You’ve convinced me to try The Hopefuls…whenever…I…get…time… Yikes!

  • You killed it this month! I’m still waiting to hear more detailed thoughts on Marrow Island… can I expect a review, mini or otherwise coming soon? I watched the first 2.5 episodes of Stranger Things and am pretty sucked in already.

  • My July was rough honestly. A hard month to be from Louisiana, and I haven’t been able to watch the conventions. It’s been a lot of second-hand news-following because that’s all I can deal with. This election season, I swear.