Ten Great Podcasts You Need to Hear


I’ve written about my favorite podcasts more than once, but great podcasts pop up all the time, so I’ll take every opportunity I can to spread the love. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is an audio freebie and I have some new favorites to gab about. I could pretty much fill up a top ten list with just the political nonsense I’ve been listening to lately, but I’ll try to spread the subjects out a bit (you’re welcome!).

NPR’s Code Switch

Super insightful, timely discussions about race and culture that can be both heartbreaking and hilarious but always feel honest. The recent episode on Nate Parker was particularly great.

Slate’s Double X

Bi-weekly-ish news, pop culture, and a bit of everything else from a feminist perspective.

Keepin’ It 1600

I’ve mentioned it before, but this podcast is keeping me sane through this election! President Obama’s former speechwriter and policy advisor break down the week’s events and Trump-isms.

Slate’s Amicus

Supreme Court! As it happens, which means a new season just started (with a great episode on Notorious RBG).

The Watch

There’s still a Grantland-sized hole in my heart, but this is working to fill it with smart TV commentary and doing a pretty great job.

What’s the Point

You may not think you’re a data nerd, but this podcast will convince you otherwise. There’s even a fabulous episode all about book publishing!

Radiolab’s More Perfect

More Supreme Court, but this time it’s all about the historical perspective. If you’re already a fan of Radiolab, you won’t be let down.

Still Buffering

So much fun, so much nostalgia! A pair (now trio!) of sisters with a huge age gap talk about the way things are (or were). Don’t miss the Lin-Manuel Miranda episode, Hamilfans.

Coming Soon! Grapple

I’m cheating on this last one because it hasn’t started yet (though there is a trailer), but it sounds fantastic. It’s focused on distressed communities and economic change, with the first season digging into towns across Pennsylvania.

I’ve also mentioned my love for PocketCasts before, but I’m going to give the app another shoutout. PocketCasts is loaded with a ton of bells and whistles, but my favorite is its discovery feature. I’ve found so many great podcasts (almost everything on this list!) thanks to their curated lists and can’t recommend it enough.

What podcasts are you listening to lately?