It’s Monday, September 12th. What Are You Reading?


Back to Monday so soon? These weekends definitely aren’t long enough, but I’ll be forgiving because holy cats we finally have a week of weather consistently under 90 degrees, so everything will be more pleasant. That said, I’m tired. My brain isn’t used to being in go mode for so many hours a day and it’s catching up with me. So. Much. Reading. Most of it is super interesting and I love working my brain so hard, but phew…we’re adjusting bedtime.

So, I’m still working my way through The Nix, mostly on audio. It’s taking longer this way, but keeping it as a headphone book means I can squeeze in something else during the few moments I have to sit down with something nonacademic. Something like Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, which is my book club pick for the month. It ended up being pretty perfect for what I could digest in the time I had and helped me choose Maria Semple’s Today Will Be Different as my next read. I’m looking for something readable and funny, so I hope it fits the bill!

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • Readable and funny….that’s what I think I need right now with so much going on! I hope the Semple is fantastic…that one actually makes me nervous b/c Bernadette set such a high bar!

  • I’m excited for the new Semple too! I’m not so patiently waiting to be first in the library queue.

    Also, early bedtimes are the best. People who say otherwise are lying or silly.

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    Hooray for cooler temperatures – I finally turned the AC off yesterday and am not planning to use it again this year! The new Semple books sounds great. Hope it’s just what you need!

    • I think I’ve been tricked! Suddenly we have a 92 degree day on Wednesday…but it looks like we’re free and clear after that.

  • Great book stack! I still need to start The Nix and Today Will Be Different, but I loved Aristotle and Dante! I’m currently reading Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube by Blair Braverman. Not sure what I’ll read next… perhaps one of the two on your stack.

    • I haven’t started Today Will be Different Quite yet, but I’m really liking The Nix – so much going on, but it’s a great story!

  • Kailana

    I feel like I get nothing done on the weekends and then it is a weekday again… Sadness!

  • My daughter read Aristotle and Dante this summer. Did you love the ending as much as she did?
    Looking forward to hearing more about Semple’s new book!

  • I love being able to squeeze in one more chapter with audiobooks — I hope you have been enjoying The Nix.

    • It’s been a nice way to read that I haven’t really tried much before – I can definitely see the appeal!

  • Oh, jeez, totally forgot about Semple’s new novel being out now; thank you for the reminder! Just finished A Gentleman in Moscow, which was delightful, but also left me needing a palate cleanser before moving on to something else; that might be a good pick!

    • It seems like everyone is loving it! I’m planning on it soon, but just need a bit of a break after The Nix, which is super long.

  • Sarah Says Read

    Aristotle and Dante is a great read, but a few months after I read it I learned that Lin-Manuel Miranda narrates the audio and DAMMIT. I wish I had read it that way. I might get it on a good Audible sale sometime just because.

    • I CAME HERE TO SHARE THIS NEWS WITH SHANNON. I’ve heard it’s excellent!

    • I put a hold on the audio, but it didn’t come in before I finished (and I had to get it read for book club)! So bummed, because I totally wanted to hear Lin-Manuel.

  • I am getting soooo nervous about how exhausted/busy I’m about to be. I know it will ultimately be a good thing, but I just want some more time to bum around, darn it. I *at least* want to find an apartment before school starts. About to go see one now… fingers crossed!

    I hope the Semple scratches your light reading itch!

    • Good luck with the apartment hunt – I’m sure that’s a big stress and would be a huge relief if you could check it off your list before school starts!

  • Mystica

    The Semple book is new to me. I look forward to your thoughts on this one.

  • Karen

    Audio books are the perfect answer for when the eyes are tired and the brain is frazzled. I know there are some peop,e who don’t consider them to be on a par with reading but what the hell….

  • I’m eager to see what you think of Today Will Be Different. I still have Where’d You Go Bernadette? to get through. The Nix sample came through my email from the library this week. I’ve only read yesterday’s sample, which isn’t enough to love or hate it. I’ll read today’s sample later, but I hope it’s great for you.

  • Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Today Will Be Different. I’m reading a new book for my Africa reading project — it’s all about Equatorial Africa in the pre-Scramble-for-Africa era, so the author is kind of evaluating sources and trying to sort out what we really know about those societies. It’s a bit dense but I know I’ll be glad to have read it.

    And then I was also reading Leigh Bardugo’s book Six of Crows, which was a super fun read. It’s a big heist with a team of six street rats in a magical version of Amsterdam, and I just got the hugest kick out of it. The sequel’s out later this month which is a nice thing to have to look forward to!

  • Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets to The Universe is such a great read! I loved reading it because of the theme of family, which I dunno, I rarely read! Today Will Be Different sounds like it would be a really funny read – hope you enjoy!

  • Lauren @ Malcolm Avenue Review

    The new Semple is one I’m worried about, so I look forward to hearing what you think. The Nix is also on that list that I’ll probably never get to, but audio may be a good idea. I’m reading Joe Ide’s IQ (fantastic – laugh out loud funny and also infinitely sad), Ashley Little’s Niagara Motel (also fantastic, with a weird bent that is both fascinating and distracting), and listening to one of the Troubles Trilogy (which is now five books, go figure) by Adrian McKinty. Nice to have wins on all three fronts.