It’s Monday, September 5th. What Are You Reading?

Nix Commonwealth

High five, three day weekend! Certainly not a bad way to ease into a change. I mentioned the other day that I made it through my first week of school relatively unscathed and, thanks to the three day weekend, even found some time for friends, movies, and pizza. As an added bonus, Hurricane Hermine (sadly, not Hermoine) hung to the east, so we got a nice break from the heat and a Saturday morning shower without any of the flooding or damage.

It was a super strange week for me reading-wise, but it’s probably just a preview of the way things are about to change (since reading for my classes has barely started). Adjusting to a new schedule kind of threw me for a loop and made it tricky for me to read all week, so I’m still working on Commonwealth, even though I really wanted to dig into something. As I headed out on Friday I decided to pop open Overdrive and grabbed an audio copy of The Nix from the library. I know. AN AUDIOBOOK. I listened while walking all over campus, during my grocery trip and other errands, including picking up a paper copy of The Nix that had come in at the library. I’ve been switching between audio and paper now, but it’s been a good way to squeeze in extra reading time. What about my podcasts, though?? Curse you, clock!

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • An audiobook! Woooo! You know how much I love them – but I do agree that it pains me to not have enough time to listen to everything – when I focus on my audiobook, my podcast queue gets neglected, and vice versa. I’m at the point where I dread finding out about new podcasts, because I don’t know when I’ll ever listen to everything.

    • The podcast withdrawal is going to be my biggest struggle! Otherwise, I’m really enjoying the additional reading time :)

  • Oh Hermine. Such a big to-do about a cloudy weekend (at least here in NJ).

    Congrats on making an audiobook work for you! It’s something I keep meaning to do, but I have little ears around during much of the day and I have to figure out how to have it available when I’m alone in the office or running errands by myself. One of these days I’ll make it work!

    • I was really worried about NJ for a bit there, it sounded like it was going to swing around and do some Sandy-style damage, but good thing it was all nothing!

  • I’m reading Commonwealth right now as well–I’m only one chapter in, so I don’t have any opinions as of yet. However, it has been a while since I read Patchett (and the last book of hers I read was “This is the Story of a Happy Marriage,” which is atypical for her…so I forgot how much concentration her books can take. I’m pretty sure this one is NOT going to be bedtime reading for me!

    • I’ve been stalled a few chapters in because The Nix hooked me so quickly – I need to jump back into Commonwealth and stop being such a book-cheater ;)

  • Glad to hear you’re loving Commonwealth! I plan to get to it soon. And you never know, maybe you’ll find a way to get audiobooks to work for you! I did despite thinking I absolutely never would.

    • I definitely like listening when I can, I just realllllly love all the podcasts I listen to and I know I’m going to be struggling if I can’t squeeze them in, too. I’ll have to find a way!

      • I’ve found that audiobooks work better for me at different times than podcasts. Podcasts work better for working out and driving with other people in the car. Audiobooks work better for driving alone, household chores, and getting ready in morning/ready for bed at night. At least for me…good luck!

  • Wow, you have some awesome multitasking skills to be able to grocery shop and listen to an audiobook at the same time! Grocery shopping is my nemesis and requires all my concentration! Plus my goal is to get in and our as fast as humanly possible.

    I had the same thoughts on Hermine/Hermione. Why not just stick an extra O in there?!

  • Kailana

    I am curious about The Nix. It was one of those books with the buzz but I don’t think I have really read that many reviews of it yet!

  • Can’t wait to hear what you think about The Nix. And you’ll do amazingly with the reading/blogging/schooling/life-ing. It will become a new normal OR you’ll fall off the face of the earth like I did. xo

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    I love switching back and forth between print and audio… so glad it’s working for you! Good luck settling back into the new school/life/reading routine, too.

  • Podcasts and audio books are at constant war for my precious listening time. Speaking of Hermione, where are our time-turners???

    Anyway, glad to hear you got to decompress a bit after a week of newness! I’m so excited for you to really dig in to your coursework.

  • I just ordered a copy of The Nix and should receive my copy today – I can’t wait! Hope you are enjoying it :) Good luck with getting settled into school life – I’m sure you’ll carve out some solid reading time soon enough. I think its cool you are switching from audio to print. Have a great week!

  • I need to get back into audiobooks!! New classes are so exciting! I hope you settle into a good routine soon

  • So what’s the verdict on Commonwealth? Is it any good, or slow-going? I must admit I’ve really latched on to audiobooks this year. And here I pooh-poohed them once upon a time. Now they’re my dog-walking go-tos.

    • I kind of set it aside when I started The Nix and haven’t had much time to get back to it, but I’m hoping to give it a fair shake this weekend. I don’t feel like I’m far enough in to know either way!

  • I loved Commonwealth! Right now, I’m reading The Lesser Bohemians and I think it is one you would absolutely love. McBride writes in a way I’ve never read before. Her first book A Girl was really difficult because of the subject matter but this is a very different subject, but with the same style. It is intense.

  • The busier I am, the more I find myself reaching for audiobooks. It’s definitely not the same experience for me either, but it does make my commute a heck of a lot more exciting. I tend to alternate between audiobooks and podcasts, although I’m currently trying to find something to fill the hile that Alice Isn’t Dead has left in my (podcast) life.