Chronicles of a Fickle Reader


Almost immediately after starting school at the end of August I noticed a pretty drastic change in my reading. I expected to lose a big chunk of time, but didn’t foresee the impact that time would have on the actual content of my reading. I alluded to it on Monday, but I’ve been an extremely fickle, book-hopping reader lately. Last week alone, I think I started and stopped two or three books before landing on what I read and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

On one hand, I’m starting to DNF books as soon as I get the sense they won’t work for me, which has been one of my reading goals for years. No more hanging on to so-so books when my time is so precious. On the other hand, reading 20 pages here and 40 pages there before wiping the slate clean and starting over again means I’m not progressing through much. There has to be a point where picky becomes self-sabotaging, right? I’ve kind of let everything sit this week in hopes of avoiding a repeat of last week’s woes, just waiting for a book to call to me.

Do you mind feeling like a fickle reader? Is it better for you to book hop or settle on a single read?