It’s Monday, October 17th. What Are You Reading?


The last few weeks have been a bit crazy, but this week just has two real days! Wednesday morning we’re hopping a train for New York, catching Hamilton that evening, and sticking around through Saturday. I’m leaving behind my laptop and everything school related (which you’ll probably see me cursing myself for next Monday) so that means I get six hours of free train reading each way. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Sadly, the trip means I’m missing out on the 24-Hour Readathon, but you can still sign up if you haven’t yet!

Those twelve hours are even more necessary than usual with this little reading slump I’m in. Thankfully, taking a few days away from the books helped a bit (I finished Commonwealth!), but I think I just need some good, uninterrupted reading time. I’m just now getting started on Marcy Dermansky’s The Red Car and Andi Zeisler’s We Were Feminists Once. I’ve really been looking forward to both, so here’s hoping they keep hold. If not, I’m packing a Kobo full of options just in case!

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • So glad you loved Commonwealth! And trains are one of my favorite reading locations – enjoy – and enjoy NYC and Hamilton! Do you have any fun dinner reservations (b/c my favorite thing about NYC is the food)?!

    I’m missing Readathon as well…it’s always on the day of our town’s huge Halloween parade for kids and it’s sort of an all-day affair. So, I’ve never been able to participate.

    • We don’t have any reservations, but do have a whole list of restaurants we hope to try. Do you have any favorites?

      • There are SO many great ones, but I would definitely recommend getting reservations. It’s hard to walk into NYC restaurants on the weekends.

        My favorites are Dell Anima and Pearl Oyster Bar – both in the West Village. I’m happy to give you more based on where you’re staying, what kind of food you’re looking for, etc. Email me if you’re interested. NYC food is my favorite!

  • Have a great trip, and a book-filled train ride! :)

  • Sarah Says Read

    Wooooo, Hamilton!! Enjoy!

  • Kailana

    Enjoy Hamilton and the reading time!

  • Hamilton!! Have fun and enjoy the reading time :) I loved Commonwealth – such a fantastic book! That Zeisler books sounds great.

  • So glad you’re getting a break. And Hamilton! I just finished The Red Car and will be curious to hear what you think of it.

  • Rebecca Foster

    Train reading is the best. Have a wonderful time!

  • Both of these look really good. Happy Reading!

  • BethFishReads

    I always take a kobo of options too! Enjoy!

  • Oh Andi Zeisler was just here in town reading from her book. She seems to have a lot of smarts & wit about her! I’d like to read The Red Car and have it on my TBR list. How is Commonwealth? Enjoy your trip of blissful reading & NYC!

    • I really, really enjoyed Commonwealth. I read half of it a few months ago and the other half this week (curse you school!), so I wish I had done it all in one go, but it was just really effortless and lovely like Ann Patchett usually is.

  • Heather

    Enjoy Hamilton and happy reading!

  • Ceillie Simkiss

    It’s always good to have options if what you’re reading isn’t working for you! I’m listening to Binti by Nnedi Okorafor and it’s absolutely amazing – only 2 hours, so it’s short, and it’s wonderful. I hope you have a great time at Hamilton!!

  • Have soooo much fun seeing Hamilton! Will you let us know how it was when you get back? I want to hear all about Javier Munoz in the main role, because I’ve heard he’s absolutely amazing and brings a totally different energy to the part than LMM.

    • Oh, I definitely will! I’m so, so curious about all the new cast members (and also ridiculously thankful that I’m getting in just under the wire with Christopher Jackson).

  • I am just a little bit jealous that you are going to see Hamilton. Have fun!

    We Were Feminists Once looks interesting. I’m reading The Guiniveres this week.

  • Oooh I’m so glad you posted about We Were Feminists Once – I added it to my wish list a while ago and then completely forgotten about it. But the audiobook download is available now from my library so I just snagged it!

    I’m not able to readathon this weekend either – one of my best friends is getting married this weekend. I’m sad to miss all the readathon fun, but very much looking forward to a weekend away.

  • Mystica

    Enjoy your week.

  • I’m so jealous you’re seeing Hamilton!

    I’m a little late to the party, but I’m reading The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander and Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

  • I’ve had this post “parked” in a “Make Time to Read Folder” for so long it is too late to comment. Maybe tomorrow–Monday again!!