It’s Monday, October 24th. What Are You Reading?


It’s been a bit, friends, but I’m back from a fantastic trip! I hoped to get a post up before leaving, but sadly it wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully, I was able to escape to New York for a few days, catch an incredible performance of Hamilton (I won’t bore any non-Hamfans with the gory details, but ask and you shall receive), and hop all around the city for my husband. Okay, we didn’t actually hop, we walked so much that my feet are in serious revolt today. I stuck by my plans to leave my work behind and even had time to read on the train, so all in all it was a wonderful few days. Now I’m snuggled back up with my pup and as ready as I can be to jump back into the second half of the semester.

While I was bummed to miss Saturday’s Readathon, I read more than usual this week. I finished up We Were Feminists Once and The Red Car, which were both great. So nice to finally find books that are sticking. I also started Idaho by Emily Ruskovich, which isn’t out until January, but I was totally sucked in by the first few pages. And I’m picking up the copy of Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett Ichecked out from the library, since it sounds like the type of book I’d love. Bonus points for matching covers?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?