Reading Wrap-Up and Library Checkout: October 2016


There’s a bunch to cover as October comes to a close, friends, so here we go!


Wonder Women by Sam Maggs
The Guineveres by Sarah Domet
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis *
Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
We Were Feminists Once by Andi Zeisler *
Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly *
The Red Car by Marcy Dermansky

Best Book of the Month

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

Listening To

Audiobooks have been a little hard to snag at the library lately and I’m still reluctant to pay for an Audible subscription, so I just did one book on audio this month (Hidden Figures, which was great). Thankfully, podcasts are still filling in the earbud gap for me and all my political podcasts are turning it into overdrive as the election gets closer. So thankful for the daily Five Thirty Eighty Elections podcasts right now.


I binged the new season of Black Mirror in like three days, which is probably not a very healthy thing to do given how dark that show is. Some of the episodes this season were White Bear-level unsettling, but thankfully there were episodes like San Junipero to balance it out. Now I’m moving on to Good Girls Revolt, which seems somewhat promising, but also has me missing Mad Men like crazy.

On the School Side

November is going to be a bit of a killer. Everything I’ve been working on this semester has been building up to papers and projects that are due this month, so I just have to get through. Despite all that and the sadness of not being able to read like I usually would, I’m finding that I really, really love what I’m doing. So there is an upside.

Looking Forward To

The end of the semester? We have a lonnnnng break. Like a nice month. And I’m going to read all the books. I’m hoping to hop in on Nonfiction November this month, too.

Library Checkout

I had to have a serious chat with myself about mid-month when I realized not only was I not reading the library books I had on hold, I can’t even make it to the library to pick them up/drop them off most of the time. So, I decided the best way for me to use the library (at least in the physical sense) is to stick with checking out books from my campus library, which I walk by daily and will allow me to check out books for six months.

Currently Reading

Pond by Claire Louise-Bennett

Checked Out, To Be Read

Evicted by Matthew Desmond
The Heavenly Table by Donald Ray Pollock

Link up your library reading for October! 

  • Glad you’ll get to do some Nonfiction Nov and good luck with all the school work. This is such a busy time of year on all fronts.

    And Commonwealth was a top read for me in October as well!

    • Really hoping I can at least get a post or two in for Nonfiction Nov, but based on today it’s not looking promising :/

  • I read Evicted a couple of months ago. I found fairly eye-opening; some parts enraged me and some parts I kept thinking, ‘why????’ Desmond did a good job of presenting both sides, and as someone who grew up middle class without much exposure to poverty and its devastating effects, I enjoyed and learned a lot from it.

  • Kailana

    I had hoped to listen to Hidden Figures, but it is not on Audible. That makes me sad. I will have to read it at some point instead. Hope November is a great reading month for you!

    • I was super excited that Hidden Figures was available through my library, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re able to find it!

  • Good morning! I did the same thing this month- combined my wrap-up and library checkout because they were basically the same thing. I’m tearing through library books but not reading anything new. Just holding my breath until 11/9.

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  • Rebecca Foster

    I’m enjoying The Heavenly Table very much. I think you will too.

  • It’s nice to hear that you really love what you’re doing. :)
    The fact that you can fit in all these other books on the side is amazing. When I was a student, back before blogs were invented, I had to make myself not read, because I was afraid it would be too distracting and I wouldn’t get my work done. Breaks were heavenly. Your upcoming break sounds like a nice long one!

    • Reading is kind of my way to unwind, but it hasn’t really felt all that satisfying if I’m being honest. It wasn’t the best month for *quality* reading. I think I’ll probably be taking a pretty big break from most things in November and be back around toward the end of the month.

  • I look forward to reading Commonwealth. Happy November!

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  • I keep saying I’m going to read Commonwealth. I’m waiting on it from the library. Since Wonder Woman (of the titled book by Maggs) was my hero growing up, I guess I’d better see if the book is about Wonder Woman herself or some Wonder(ful) Woman! Ha!
    School is stealing a lot of my reading time too, but I wouldn’t have it any other way (during the semester). Holidays coming up. Hang in There!!

  • How was the ending of Commonwealth for you? I LOVE Ann Patchett but I do find that she seems to have an issue with endings. They never quite live up to their stories. I’ve been dying to read Commonwealth but also, I haven’t exactly rushed out to get it.
    I’ve never actually joined Non-Fiction November but I’m going to go look into it now. I love reading non-fiction anyway and I have a lot of it kicking around my house right now…might be fun to read as part of a community.

    • It didn’t feel particularly lacking, but there wasn’t anything that really stood out about the end to me, so I’m not sure how much that helps?? I hope you join in on NFN! I wish I had more time to devote, it’s such a great event.

  • Heather

    Good luck with all your assessments! It’s the best that you have a nice long break to look forward too – enjoy :-)

  • Ceillie Simkiss

    My only library reads this month have been audiobooks (HRC’s memoirs Living History and Hard Choices), The Girl from Everywhere, and Who Fears Death. Who Fears Death is my book for today, for when I’m not writing!

  • I read We Were Feminists Once this month! I was also lucky enough to be in Alberta during Edmonton’s LitFest and got to hear Andi Zeisler speak about the book. Super interesting. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Commonwealth. I have it on hold at my library!

  • Hi lady! It’s been a while and finally made myself sit down and comment. I’m listening to Commonwealth right now and really enjoying getting lost in the family saga. It’s my first Ann Patchett *gasp*. Glad to hear things are going well with school and you’re enjoying it. xo

  • Wow it allows 6 month check-outs?! That’s what I need b/c all my audiobooks I put on Hold at the Library with OverDrive all seem to come in at once and I have a flood that I can’t get to in time, drats. We just finished the 5th Season of Homeland and still are nuts for that series. And for nonfiction Nov, I got to go with the autobio by Springsteen. Quite interesting so far!

  • Elena

    Wonderful October! I just added Wonder Women to my wishlist, and I have to tell you: I also watched my first Black Mirror episode. I watched the season premiere because it was written by my all time favourite girl crush and bookish woman, Rashida Jones. And it was amazing. I also loved Dallas Bryce-Howard, and the whole envioronment in the episode. It was uncanningly real.

  • I LOVED Commonwealth. I thought it was the best book of the year the year it was published!