Giveaway: Boss Babes Coloring & Activity Book for Grown-Ups by Michelle Volansky


Hi, dolls. I know. It’s Monday and I’m not reading anything. It’s Monday and I’m reading a million things, but nothing fun and I’m afraid this blog has gone from a book blog to a place where I whine about how much I miss books. So, instead of doing that, I think I’m going to bow out for a bit and leave you with a chance to experience the last book that put a giant smile on my face.

Michelle Volansky’s Boss Babes coloring and activity book is such a joy. A JOY. It came to me just when I needed it, filled with fierce women and a ton of fun. Take a peek inside! The whole adult coloring book thing (with tiny little drawings) tends to make me more anxious than calm, but I could feel the calming effect of this brilliance. So I packed it up with some crayons and brought it to my lab/office last Friday. We’ve all been a little frazzled and busy, with some big happenings this week, so it was a great to have the Boss Babes around for cheer.

Thankfully, I have a little extra cheer to spread! Workman Publishing is offering up a copy of Boss Babes (a little bird told me that one of Michelle Volansky’s pins may be included, too!) to one reader from the US. You can enter down below!

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  • Girl, this is the best. This coloring book would be the best gift ever!

  • Awesoooommmmme. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • This is awesome! And you are awesome for hosting this giveaway! Thanks so much :)

  • Ceillie Simkiss

    You are so close to a break! You can make it, and then you can read all the things you want to when you’re off for a while!

  • Thanksgiving break is coming. Hang in there. I gave my students a chance to work with peers on the rough drafts of their papers and told them to let their paper “percolate” a day or two (Final papers are due Wed. the 16th, so I can grade them over Thanksgiving.) Since they’d never seen a percolator or ever seen one work, I borrowed one from a friend and set it up for our critiquing session so they could see coffee percolate. I served forgotten cookies (a 70’s recipe) with coffee (just took every mug in my house that wasn’t nailed down) and we worked hard but enjoyed the coffee and cookies. When they come on the 16th, they’ll turn in their papers and pick up a packet of handouts on what we didn’t cover or get to. Some will go on a road trip with families for family reunions etc. at Thanksgiving; others will fly home or to see friends. In any case, there is only one class meeting after Thanksgiving , Nov. 30th where they will (or will not) pick up graded final papers and hopefully pick up their course grade as well. Since I give a final paper instead of a final exam, they will not meet Dec. 7th.
    As my grandmother said, for them, it’s “All over but the shouting!” or as I am saying, after Wed., for me it’ll be “All over but the grading.”( 24 six to ten page argumentative, researched papers.)