When We Share Bookshelves

I’m sorry if you were looking for a safe, bookish place to avoid politics, but this isn’t going to be it. It was never it. I hope you’re not coming to the same blog that’s shared the books I’ve recommended over the last few years expecting a post quietly moving on. I’m furious. I’m motivated. I’m scared.

But I can’t imagine sharing similar bookshelves and not sharing similar feelings.

If you wept for Jude in A Little Life.

If you feared for Mireille in An Untamed State.

If you were horrified by The Handmaid’s Tale.

If you read The Book of Unknown Americans.

Or NeuroTribes.

Or Golden Boy.

Or Just Mercy.

Or Citizen.

Or or or.


Taking a few days, but I’ll be back with books for the good fight.