Bookish and Blogging Goals for 2017

I’m a little bit shocked, but I did a pretty bang-up job of sticking to my goals from last year. Granted, most of them focused on giving myself breathing room knowing I’d be starting a doctoral program in August, but I’m still pretty amazed that I didn’t go totally off the rails. Let’s see what’s ahead for 2017.

Bookish Goals

I drastically lowered my Goodreads goal to 100 books in 2016…and still managed to miss it. I blame the hundreds of pages of academic reading and writing I was doing, but…sigh. I’m keeping the goal at 100 books for 2017. I’m not someone who binges on tiny books and graphic novels in moments of stress at the end of the year. The Goodreads goal tends to be a non-stressful motivator for me, so I want it to be set at a number I’d like to hit and do what I can.

After realizing that audiobooks are a great way to squeeze in more reading, I really want to work them into the reading I do this time around. I’m super curious to see how much of a difference they make from the start of the year to the end.

For most of 2016, I totally kept up with last year’s goal to use my library more. Sadly, in the last few months, the branches haven’t been open when I’ve had time to pick up my holds, so I’ve been missing out. I’m still hoping to keep up the library use in 2017, but it will likely be through the university library since I tend to be there at least once a week.

I’ve always struggled to DNF books, even if I’m not loving them, but the limited reading time I had at the end of this year kind of forced me to get picky quick. Instead of a neverending cycle of starting and dropping books, I’m aiming to find some sort of reading sweet spot where I let go of books I’m just not enjoying, but don’t DNF simply because I don’t have the time.

One of my 2016 goals was to remind myself that reading for pleasure is something I value. Strangely enough, it’s the bookish goal I struggled with most this year. I never expected it to be so difficult to enjoy reading. Just typing that seems impossible, but I’ve gone weeks without reading and there have been days when I’ve nearly had to force myself to pick up a book. I’m hoping that I feel a little more settled into the routine of school this semester and all of this will be easier, but that could be a stretch.

Blogging Goals

I’m really struggling with being honest with myself about some of the changes this blog is facing, so I’m hoping that setting some boundaries and goals for myself will make it a bit easier. I noted that I wanted to be more comfortable with not posting or reading as much as usual in my 2016 goals, with anticipation of losing time due to school, and I’m proud of myself for doing well with that. What I didn’t expect was how much more I would struggle with feeling lost in the bookish community in general. There really are only so many hours in the day and just so much I want to do. I hope I can find some way to keep myself feeling more connected even if I can’t be in 2017.

With that in mind, I really want to focus on the purpose of this space. I care about sharing my current reading, the books I’m interested in, and connecting them to other people and larger issues. While I love for new readers to find their way here, traffic and SEO and all the other business of blogging is just so far off my radar right now. It will probably mean less consistency in posting, some unfortunate loss of regular content (does anyone want to grab the reins on Library Checkout?), fewer ARCs…just less in general. But hopefully it will make it possible for me to keep this going instead of dropping away completely.

There is one thing I’d like to do here a bit more, if I can crawl out of my comfort zone. I’m spending all these hours and days and months working toward this degree and I’d like to apply some of what I’m doing and find a way to write a bit more critically/analytically about my reading. We’ll see how that comes together.

What are your goals for 2017?