Reading Wrap-Up: November 2016


I think this may be the fewest books I’ve read in a month in…years? Thankfully, they were both brilliant and I hope to have some time to talk about them in depth a bit more soon.


Idaho by Emily Ruskovich
Evicted by Matthew Desmond

Listening To

I probably listened to 2/3 of Evicted on audio and picked up the rest in print. I’m finding I really, really love great narrative nonfiction like that in audio, so I’ll gladly take any other suggestions.


I’m finding the easiest thing for me to do when I get home, usually after class or several hours at the library, is to catch up on whatever TV show the husband and I are watching. My brain is too fried to read, trying to play catch-up with the insanity of news on Twitter makes me anxious, and sometimes it just feels best to keep my computer closed. We’re on to the final season of Parks & Rec, which is bittersweet, and just wrapped up the last episode of The Crown. We also managed to sneak away to see Moonlight one weekend, which was just beautiful and I can’t recommend it enough.

On the School Side


This has basically been my life for the last few weeks. SO. MUCH. WRITING. I actually only have time to sit down with this post right now because I’m waiting for edits on a draft before jumping back in. Two more exams, two more papers and I’ll be good for the semester. I’m also trying to plan and submit work for conferences which all seem to have deadlines in the next two months, but won’t actually take place until the end of next year. Very much this comic.

Looking Forward To

Vacation! Reading! We’re heading to Michigan for a bit, too, so there’s the added bonus of family and friends to look forward to.

How was your November?