2016: Books by the Numbers

Happy New Year, friends! I’ve been traveling and sick for the last week or so, but now that I’m snuggled up back at home, I finally had a few minutes to really look back at my year in reading. This is usually one of my favorite posts to write, but I kind of want 2016 to die a fiery death and don’t want to spend all that much time looking backward. Still, I spent all year keeping track of everything I read, so it would be a shame to let it go without taking a peek.

Plus, I’m learning more about how to dig through this data properly, so I should. I told myself it was “practice” (during winter break, mind you) and imported my reading spreadsheet into SPSS to play around with the statistics I’m learning in my classes. I don’t feel confident enough (yet!) to share all that, so I’m bouncing back to Tableau, which I used last year. Tableau is interactive, so anything you hover over should give you some nitty gritty information, if you’re so inclined.

Books/Pages by Month

If I keep chanting: “I’m not going to be sad about how ‘little’ I read this year!” can I make it true? 80 books is a ton! It’s way more than the typical American reads in a year (that number would be 4), but a far cry from the 131 I read last year. Or the 154 the year before. I’m still in love with books, I think our relationship is just changing. And hey, can you tell when I was locked in the library writing for two months?

2015 & 2016 by Genre

Or Look at My Very Predictable Reading. I’M SORRY, I AM SET IN MY WAYS.

Source & Format

But maybe not so set in my ways, because look I have a new category in the format department this year! Oooo, five whole audiobooks. Also, please don’t scold me about never reading books I own.

Ratings by Imprint

This was one of the most interesting bits of information I gathered in 2015 and I’m glad to have a peek at it again. In the chart, imprints I read most often have larger circles, while books I rated highest have the darkest circles. I tried to read more from some of the imprints I had success with in 2015 (Picador, Random House, Knopf, FSG), which seemed to work out well for me this time around.

A Note on Author Statistics

I’ll share basically the same note from last year, since you may notice something missing if you’re just popping in. I make it a priority to seek out books written by traditionally marginalized voices and keep track of the author information I can find in my personal spreadsheet, as I find it helps guide me toward gaps in my reading. However, I’ve chosen not to include that information in the year-end statistics I share on my blog. After a ton of reading and thought, I still feel uncomfortable publicly boiling the multiple facets of so many authors down to categories they aren’t necessarily dictating.