It’s Monday, January 16th. What Are You Reading?

Well, it was a nice breath of fresh air, but tomorrow kicks off the new semester. I’m loaded up with another research design course, philosophies of research, and a dash of personnel prep. I’m hoping to be around and visiting and reading as much as possible, but if I fall off the face of the Earth again…know I had the best intentions.

After hearing about the audiobooks offered by Hoopla but realizing that none of my libraries had audio as an option, I signed up for a card through a nearby system. WISE DECISION, SELF. So many great books with no holds all at my grabby little fingertips! I ended up downloading and listening to Teddy Wayne’s Loner after noticing it was on the Tournament of Books longlist. It didn’t make the cut for the shortlist, and I didn’t love the novel, but it was definitely not the book I expected going in. As for right now, I’m still working my way through Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and I just picked up Reign of Error by Diane Ravitch. The latter is actually for one of my classes, but since I’ve read Ravitch’s books for “fun” in the past (and the topic of this one is oh so timely), it gets a spot here.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • For me Loner was certainly unexpected, but like you, not loved. I think it would have been even more interesting on audio.

    • It was definitely compelling (especially since I knew there was some kind of twist coming up)…I just SO wish it had ended after the paper!

  • BethFishReads

    Argh, I keep forgetting to see if my library has Hoopla — I tend to use Overdrive.

  • Hoopla is incredible – the great number of audiobooks is mindblowing and I’m finding they’re improving little by little their e-book selections too.

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    Hoopla is amazing! I’m so glad my library offers it. Good luck with the new semester.

    • Me too! I’m glad I went looking for one with audiobooks (since the Hoopla through my *real* library is only TV/movies)

  • I thought about it a lot and ended up deciding to give Loner a miss. I understand it’s about a kid who sort of becomes a stalker in college, and he doesn’t really realize that’s what’s happening? I just can’t be bothered. I don’t need to be inside the heads of dudes who think they’re entitled to women’s time and attention — is that super unfair to the novel, do you think?

    • Eh, that’s actually probably too fair. The biggest bummer for me is that the book almost had two endings and if Teddy Wayne had stopped at the first, the book would have been BRILLIANT. But I think he tried to make an even *bigger* statement and…nope.

  • Hoopla is the best!! Besides audiobooks, I love browsing their selection of cookbooks. Happy reading!

  • Christy

    Ravitch’s book definitely seems timely with the likely appointment of DeVos. I like Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus, which is still the only book I’ve read by her, though I own Americanah. This morning, I just finished Mrs. Mike, a classic 1947 novel that takes place in remote Canada. I enjoyed it very much.

  • I’d be interested in reading “Reign of Error.” My kids do go to a private school, but I volunteer at our local public elementary school and it is almost heartbreaking to see how it struggles.

  • My library uses Overdrive and I never think to look at Hoopla; no waiting?!! I’m going to take a gander soon. Thanks for the recommendation! Reign of Error sounds very interesting; I feel a soap box moment coming on, just from the title. :)

  • Karen

    good luck with your studies – hope you do get a chance to unwind with Purple Hibiscus.

  • Good luck with your new semester! I’m sure you’ll do great (with the usual blood, sweat, tears, etc.) ;)
    I should look into reading something by Ravitch. Would this be a good starting place, or would The Death and Life of the Great American School System maybe be better?

    • I’m only about 20 pages into this one, but it may be the way to go. It seems more focused on fixing the problems than pointing them out (though she does that, too), which makes me think some of the content may overlap with this one being more up to date.

  • Kailana

    I wish Hoopla existed near here. :( My library doesn’t have it and it is not anywhere near by. It’s sad.

  • More library cards are always a good idea :) I have one library I use the most, but I also have a backup for when they don’t have a book I want.