A Bittersweet Blogiversary

A year ago I would have had this post scheduled last week. But here it is, 7pm and I only remembered the date was a milestone because of a note on my paper calendar. It’s not last year. I’ve battled with this space a bit over the last few weeks and, sadly, it’s been easier to ignore than try to keep pace. While I hate to be distant, I’d much rather give the blog breathing room than force-feed it useless posts to keep people visiting. I’m still reading (albeit at a snail’s pace), so I’ll have to blab about these books eventually. After four years, I hope you’ll still pop in now and again, too.

  • You are a beautiful genius, and we have all taken steps back from our blog at different times in our life. We’ll be around, hon. <3

  • Happy blogiversary you fantastic PhDing genius, you.

  • Kailana

    Happy Blogiversary! I rarely, if ever, remember my own. lol

  • Happy Bloggiversary! I understand. We all step back at some point. I’m just beginning to blog again after a few months off. If it’s not fun, why push it?

    • Sadly, it’s one of the things that’s always been fun for me, I just wish I had the time for it. Hoping after this semester I’ll be able to squeeze things in!

  • Kay

    Happy Blogversary! I think everyone has to take a break from time to time. We’ll all still be around whenever you’re inspired to share something. Take care!

  • Happy blogoversary.

  • As someone who’s also struggling to figure out how blogging will or won’t fit into my life anymore, I just wanted to pop in and say you’re not alone in feeling this way. Take all the time and space you need. Take care of yourself. We love you :)

  • Happy Blogoversary. You aren’t the only one struggling with blog-related challenges. For me, I’m still blogging, but the nature of my posts has definitely changed in light of current events.

    Good luck with everything!

    • I definitely think there’s some post-election trouble attached to lack of time for me, too…hoping it all clears soon!

  • Happy Blogoversary! Have a great year with everything you do!

  • Rebecca Anthony Foster

    It’s inevitable that sometimes life will get in the way of blogging. You don’t have to apologize for that! Just read (and write) what you enjoy.

  • You’re not alone, my friend. Life changes, and things fill that time that used to go to reading and blogging. I can speak for myself in saying I’ll be here to read anything you put out there, and I’ll also be here with complete understanding of those longer absences. Take care.

  • I know exactly how it is. I left for several months and it just didn’t scream at me to post anything. Granted, life had a lot to do with it; life tends to stifle the creativity gene. You’ve a lot going on, too, with grad school, so don’t worry about this space. We’ll be here when you return.

    • Yes, that’s just it – life is kind of pulling me away, but I’m hoping to be pulled back in this direction soon!

  • Ti Reed

    Your post reminded me that I missed my blogiversary again! I miss it every year. I believe this is year 9. I am in limbo right now because of the Ulysses read along. I can’t read too much along with it and so the reviews don’t get written. I am not pressing it or stressing over it. It’s a book I will be able to finally mark off my list so if there are only a few posts this month so be it.

  • Life gets in the way for sure. I don’t pop in and comment any more, but I do still read, and will be here when you are.

  • Karen

    Sounds like a good time to take a breath and come back refreshed

  • Even at a snail’s pace, it’s worth the blog. You have a lot going on, no need to force-feed it. Happy Blogiversary.

  • No sense in forcing anything since you should only be doing this if it makes you happy. :) Happy blogiversary!!

  • Thank you!!

  • Thank you, dearie <3
    I'm so glad you read Lincoln in the Bardo!! I think I appreciated it more than I adored it (HE IS AMAZING), but that could be because I just love his short stories to bits.

  • TheShrinkette

    Happy blogiversary! Will always be around, regardless of how often you blog (or don’t). <3

  • Karen White

    Totally get it.

  • Elena

    Happy blogiversary, Shannon! I totally understand how you feel. I realised today I hadn’t posted anything in three weeks and I forced myself to. It did not feel good. Maybe right now we should all focus on making the most of what we have, and fight for what they’re trying to take away from us.

  • I’ll definitely keep popping in. Take all the time you need :) Happy blogiversary!

  • Happy Blogiversary! I know it can get hard sometimes…. I’ve dealt with dull times and bright times in the writing sphere of my life too!