February Reading Wrap-Up

Reading Wrap-Up: February 2017

February Reading Wrap-Up

Trying to check in, despite the sad state of my reading! I just read two books this month, but they were both great and I’m so glad I finally picked up Nothing to Envy.


Human Acts by Han Kang
Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick

Listening To

A podcast or two here and there (especially all the Crooked Media pods), but it seems most of my books are being consumed through my ears right now, so I need audiobook time. On that note, Nothing to Envy was a fabulous listen.


I don’t know what finally pushed us to jump into six seasons of The Sopranos, but here we are. It’s kind of perfectly engaging and mind-numbing for when I get home from work/school and just want to crash. We also snuck in some movie time last weekend and saw Get Out, which was so super fantastic.

On the School Side

I mentioned last month that the semester came in like a lion and had hopes it would go out like a lamb. That seems unlikely. My research design class is pretty notorious and contributes a huge chunk of information to the qualifying exam I’ll take in August, so it’s an important one (and I’ve been a little buried in it).

How was your February?

  • Kailana

    Audios seem to be my only reading at the moment, but I have read some good ones so I can’t complain!

  • I’m on a waiting list for Human Acts. I really liked The Vegetarian, so I hope I like that one, too. Happy March!

  • You read the same amount I did. :-) LOVE The Sopranos! Happy March!

  • Rebecca Anthony Foster

    What prompted the Korean book binge? I read The Vegetarian last month and thought it was great, so I have Human Acts out from the library to read soon.

  • Yes, I too am obsessively listening to Crooked Media pods… which is really cutting into my audiobooking time, but worth it, I think. And I’d definitely call two books a GREAT SUCCESS with your current situation. Hope things settle a bit and you can get a little time for yourself. :)

  • Ti Reed

    February went by super fast. I guess that is how it is now. Every month flies by for me. I am reading Ulysses for a read along but it’s slow going and although it’s literally killing me, it’s also amusing as hell so I keep reading. With it, I am readying The Lonely Hearts Hotel. I have to read something else with it or I will end up burying Ulysses in my back yard.

  • I enjoyed reading Nothing To Envy – well, perhaps enjoy is the wrong word, but it was a fascinating book.

  • The bananas in the corner of your kitchen add a pretty splash of yellow. :)
    Happy studying! And if March and April fly by as fast as January and February did, you might be done in no time!

  • Wow! Thanks for the recommendation of Nothing to Envy; that sounds like a great choice and perfect for audiobook listening. The Sopranos is always a good idea! I think I’ve watched the entire series another time, after my original viewing; you can never go wrong with The Sopranos – ha! Enjoy and hang in there; you’re doing great!

  • I’m also doing a lot of reading with my ears. Somehow it’s just more palatable lately when my brain (and eyes?) are full. Good luck with all the things!

  • My February’s been good, although I remain too chickenshit to see Get Out. I’ll catch it on streaming or rent it — I know Jordan Peele says that’s not the way to consume this movie, but I think he underestimates what a fraidy-cat I am. :p

    I’m really glad you got a chance to read Nothing to Envy. The image she paints in that book of a country full of people squatting at the sides of roads waiting for a future that will never arrive has stuck with me; it’s what I think of every time someone mentions North Korea.