4 Tips to Read Faster Without Missing a Detail

Reading quickly is a valuable skill to have whether the content is from a website, an article you transferred in your MS Word from , tablet and whatnot. It allows you to get through more books in less time, which can open up your mind to new perspectives and ideas. Reading quickly also helps you digest information faster so you can use it more effectively. Here are four tricks that will allow you to read faster without missing a detail.

Tip 1: Keep a Good Pace

You want to read as fast as you can without actually skipping any words. This will help you keep a good, steady pace that won’t let up. You want to maintain a good speed for your reading, so you’re still able to keep track of everything in the text.

Tip 2: Take Notes while You Read

Taking notes while you read can be a great way to make sure you’re absorbing the information. As you read, take notes about what you find interesting and summarize some thoughts. This will allow you to go back later and use the information in your own projects. You could even share the note with someone else or just keep it for yourself as a reference point.

Taking notes while you read doesn’t require any extra work; simply jot down what stands out to you so that when it comes time to recall information, it’s there waiting for you.

Tip 3: Read in Short Bursts

One of the best ways to read more quickly is to read in short bursts. Don’t get discouraged if you can only manage a few pages at a time. You’ll gradually increase your reading speed over time and eventually be able to complete books more quickly. By reading a couple pages, taking a break, and then continuing on, you gradually read faster and faster.

Tip 4: Use Sub-Vocalization to Your Advantage

Sub-vocalization is the act of saying words in your head as you read them. When you subvocalize, your voice reads the words in your head rather than the word appearing on the page. If you want to read faster, try not to subvocalize when you read. Subvocalizing slows down our reading speed because it forces us to pause between each word we read.

Try to use an audiobook or play a song that has a slow tempo and sing along with it. Singing takes up valuable time in your day because it requires more concentration and effort than just listening to music or an audiobook.