A Child Learns From The Outdoors Even With Scrubs And Bruises

Growing up in a daycare center, having the manager as the second mother helps the child learn valuable lessons in life. In fact, it has taught Joakim that it is not dangerous to fall or get bruised during playtime. He even finds it helpful in a lot of ways.

A book should have been written about tree huts, ski jumps, and snow angels, where all the falls and bruises come from. While it is not a bad thing, the internet confined children today to overprotect. This is where all the falls, bruises, and small cuts ended.

“You can get kids to do anything if you just play with them.” Otto Von Bismarck.

The problem today is that with so much internet and screen time, children and even parents have lesser time going out. While this is not a general statement that applies to everybody, it is simply a statement that observed a majority of household spending their time indoors.

Playtime Outdoors

Playtime is all about an expression of individuality and creativity. Generations before us had that opportunity to explore nature, play in a full playground, get bruised climbing trees, experienced falls from swings, getting cuts from exploring new grass species, getting some itch with a few sting bites. They have learned first hand from these experiences. While there are a few children in this generation that really explore the outdoor, parents will have to find ways for their children to have the opportunity to learn from first-hand nature experiences.

The forest is no more dangerous, the playground is still filled with sand and the football is round.

Life is hard and brutal. Heart Raw. The sun rises in the same place everyday and Christmas comes every g year. But life only comes once for every living person on earth. You want to make every moment count. People learn from failing, a small scrub wound doesn’t hurt. So, once up in the tree, you might as well take time for a picture up there. After all, you got there.

As a parent, there are two different approaches. You have an overprotective, kind, and naive parent. Nothing wrong with it, that is. And the other is a little more free. Freedom under responsibility. Can’t go wrong – rarely do. Learn a little more about playtime here – https://medium.com/@playtime.

Bottom line is that parents should just let little children run a little freely in the forest. Let them fall, let them get abrasions. They can fall down the stairs or walk on a leash in the jump hill. Generations before us are still here and a living testament that little bruises don’t hurt but a hard-earned lesson to be extra careful.