A Closer Look at the Education and Training of European Locksmiths

In European countries like The Netherlands, many areas have transformed their prewar stores into specialty shops secured with impenetrable Police Quality locks. Slotenmaker Rotterdam Noord offering locksmithing services know that old rusting locks are already a thing of the past. Today, modern-day locksmiths undergo education and training to learn a trade that includes a broad range of locksmithing, lockpicking, lockfitting and key-manufacturing and duplicating skills.

However, when seeking acceptance for a formal training as a professional locksmith, institutions generally require enrolees to go through a Basic Security Check. That is in addition to a high school diploma or GED. This is due to the nature of the jobs being handled by locksmiths such as making keys for homes, apartments, stores, buildings and locks for all types of motor vehicles. That being the nature of the training, locksmiths learn to repair and replace locks without destroying the old lock.

Some locksmith education classes also offer skills and knowledge in manufacturing fittings, building joinery and other mechanisms used in adapting fences and gates to the electronic security systems of customers.

What to Expect from an Online Locksmith Training Program

Online locksmith training programs are actually rare; but generally, they come with a curriculum that starts with the basics of locks, locksmithing, lock picking and the different tools to use for each function.

First off, online locksmith programs begin with discussions about the duties and responsibilities of a professional locksmith. Most online locksmith training programs offer video and audio clips in presenting additional courses and lessons that discuss how locks work. Students must work on their skills by way of completing comprehensive assignments.

The best online locksmith training program is one that includes hands-on, on-campus practical training in completing the online course. Online courses on basic locksmithing provide lessons that teach students how to use key-extractors, drills, shims, plug holders and related tools. Students will have lessons on basic lock-picking, and picking high-security locks, combination locks and lock hardware and automotive locksmithing.

Advanced lessons on locksmithing include modern lockpicking techniques applicable to electronic locks installed in safes, vaults and similar bank security devices. Up to date online programs also provide learners with overviews of the latest in home and business alarm and security systems.

Online locksmith training programs must be backed by an institution or association that empowers a program to issue certificates or diplomas for the offered courses.

The Role of the European Locksmith Federation in Promoting the Locksmith Profession

In Europe, there are more than 10,000 locksmiths who are members of around 18 national associations, whilst representing 1600 companies in the manufacture of various locks and security devices used across the Old Continent.

That being the case, an alliance called The European Locksmith Federation (ELF) was established in 1984 to bring together different locksmith organizations and associations of lock and security manufacturers across countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. The Netherlands is historically a part of Germany’s Holy Roman Empire, originally known as Holland.

ELF’s goals primarily include providing educational programs to promote the locksmith profession. The programs include keeping member organizations up to date with recent developments and transformative changes in the locksmith industry.