Welcome to River City Reading! I’m Shannon, your resident reader and book lover. I was born and (very freezingly) bred in the Detroit area, but moved to gorgeous Richmond, Virginia in 2008. My husband and I absolutely love our new city, which is full of Southern charm, history, amazing food, great bookstores, and the scenic James River for our Australian Shepherd, Ruby, to romp in.

I’ve devoured books my whole life, but didn’t blog about my reading until 2013. In the midst of leaving a teaching career and sorting out my next steps, I needed an outlet for my furious reading. Though my steps are now sorted, and planted in a doctoral program for the time being, I’m fully immersed in the bookternet with no plans to leave.

I have pretty varied reading tastes, but I’m a huge fan of literary fiction and nonfiction. Gorgeous, unique writing grabs my attention over everything, along with weird stories and dark Southern fiction. I also love nonfiction that gets me stuck in a Wikipedia worm hole, especially if it ties into history, feminism, education, or social justice.

If you’re interested in learning more about my reading tastes and the books I’ll accept for review, you can check out my Review Policy or Review Archive (here are my favorites from 2015!). Though you’ll find book reviews here on River City Reading, I also love to feature lists of upcoming titles, discussion posts, and general bookish goodness. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, you can hop over to my Contact page.