E-book Readers Vs Tablets For Reading

Language skills are an essential prerequisite for school success in school. Children develop these skills from the first year of life. Whereby one of the most important tasks of the kindergarten is to balance the different linguistic support in the families. Picture books can offer important suggestions for linguistic support. Parents and teachers should know if they use ebook readers vs tablets instead.

E-book readers: Benefits of reading together

Reading picture ebooks together invites you to put the content into words and talk about it. Reading aloud provides an ideal environment for language acquisition in which they can feel secure. It also presents children with new words which they learn to understand and use properly by repeating and asking the adults.ebook readers vs tablets

In the reality of kindergarten, the linguistic development of the individual children often turns out to be very diverse and reflects the different linguistic suggestions and encouragement from the families in the first years of life.

In order to be able to determine the level of linguistic development of the respective child, the staff must first carry out a diagnosis of language competence in order to assess whether targeted language support or language therapy is necessary, which requires cooperation with the parents. For the diagnosis itself, the targeted use of picture ebooks has proven to be fruitful in order to analyze the linguistic structures and language of the children.

Children benefit both linguistically and cognitively if the conversations with adults take place on an equal footing. But conversations between children also help to master the rules of communication and language and to use them correctly. Through targeted impulses, educational professionals can supplement and expand children’s linguistic expression with targeted impulses.

E-book readers: Language promotion with picture books

Language support aims to provide specific support in language areas where individual children have difficulties. For this purpose, you must first determine the existing deficits with the help of a diagnosis in order to be able to carry out targeted language training in individual children. Language training in kindergartens takes place in small groups, where picture eBooks are used in a targeted manner. The dialogic picture book reading has proven to be particularly successful. You can use the eBook as an introduction to dialogue in small groups, in which children should participate particularly strongly.