Kayaking 101: Tips for Beginners

Kayaking is an excellent and exciting water sport. 

Similar to cycling, learning kayaking is very easy for beginners. Novice kayakers may find themselves enjoying the paddle as they go along the river trail for just an hour.

Whatever type of kayaking you want to experience paddling in, you must have to learn the basic guides for this water sport. These tips will be very helpful as you head off to your next water adventure.

Helpful Tips in Digging into Kayaking

As beginners in kayak, below are the five important tips that you should know before you head off your way to the water.

Tip #1: Attend kayaking lesson

Most kayakers are not aware of needing a kayaking lesson. Paddling a kayak is not as easy as everyone thinks. Generally, during your first time paddle, you might find yourself paddling in a circular motion. 

This usually happens when the paddlers do not have a proper coaching session. Attending a kayaking lesson is not that costly. You may look over the web to find the best kayak center that suits your preference. Besides, education’s role in people’s lives is really relevant. 

Tip #2: Dress up properly

For most water sports, wearing shorts and tees is common for beginners. They usually think of the weather of a hot sunny day when preparing for this. However, you must also consider the icy cold temperature of the water.

Ensure that the clothes you are wearing are suitable for the water temperature rather than the air temperature. You should also prepare for your first fall into the water. So, it is best to wear those wetsuit, gloves, and cagoule of waterproof type.

In case, you don’t have this kayaking gear as you are just a beginner, you may visit Raftthecanyon.com. There, you may find the appropriate clothing for your kayaking activities.

Tip #3: Opt for the right boat

Kayaking has different types, so the boats that you will be using will also have various types as well. This ranges from elongated rigid type of racing boats to small freestyle boats. 

For beginners, the sit-on-top type is the most appropriate one. This kayaking boat can be paddled easily and very stable on the water.

Tip #4: Do not forget to wear buoyancy support

Buoyancy support is very important for all kayakers, beginner or pro. This kayaking essential looks like a life jacket but there is greater mobility allowed at the arms and neck areas. 

Tip #5: Sit on kayak boat in a proper position

Once you learn the proper way of sitting on a kayak, then it will not be a surprise that paddling would be much easier. Remember to sit properly. Kayak boat seats and backrest are very comfortable but slouching is a no-no. 

Sit up straight and relax your feet on the pegs located at the side of the kayak. Point your toes outwards and position your heels going to the center. Lasty, bend your knees in an upward and outward position.