Know About Children and Television

Children watch too much television?

Today television consists of more than just series. There are DVDs, video games and much more. Children do this not only through television, but also through gadgets, and so on. Is all this time behind a screen and television bad for children?

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you make the best decisions for your kids.

Is Television healthy for children?
There are shows, sometimes educational, for children on the television. But too much of anything isn’t good for you, and that’s certainly true for television. Here are some things to keep in mind when monitoring your kids’ viewing habits.

  • This behavior is sedentary
  • Sitting for hours on a display will keep the children from playing and exercising actively, and children must become strong and balanced.
  • It can share together and discourage imagination through creative play.
  • It is increasingly evident that learning through creative play, especially with other children, is a cornerstone of childhood development. As entertaining as it may be, watching television is passive and cannot completely engage your children.
  • Many television programs are not suitable for children.
  • Even with parental controls and the growing selection of online kids ‘shows and dedicated kids’ channels, you can’t block and filter everything.

Which TV shows are good for kids?
Watch age-appropriate programs with your child in moderation. Do not try to use the television or computer as a nanny for hours. That way you know what he is watching and there is room to talk about it.

If your child is younger, have a laugh and go along with what is happening on the screen, even if it is not your taste. This helps strengthen the bond with your child, and makes family moments more special.

Can Watching Television Harm Children’s Eyes?

As always with spending time behind a screen, excessive viewing can tire the eyes or cause other problems, especially for developing young eyes. Your children’s brains will continue to develop into their twenties.

Do not forget this:

  • Your children and you should rest your eyes for 15 minutes for every 2 hours behind the screen.
  • Look away from the screen for a few seconds every few minutes (this works especially well if you are watching and interacting with your child while watching).
  • Neither you nor your child should be watching television in total darkness.
  • You may want the glasses if your child sits too near the TV. Get the eyes of your child tested regularly and please speak to the eye doctor with doubts or complaints.

Like everything else, television has pros and cons. Stimulating educational programs may come up. It can be good to strengthen the bond in the family like watching in ‘ iptv ‘. But take note that  watching too much TV or computer screen will keep your kids from other healthy activities, show them things they are not ready for, or tire their eyes.