Piccadilly Grand – Why Location Matters When Looking For A Home For You And Your Family

When there is a boom in real estate, many homebuyers will apply for just about any house or property that would hit the market. This is wonderful while it lasts, however when this has passed, only homebuyers who have chosen the best locations will hold a property that is most valuable and that would decrease in value at a speed that is much slower. This difference in value is fundamentally because of the location.

Piccadilly Grand – Location Matters

Whether you are looking to buy a house or rent a condo, one common and crucial factors to take into consideration is the location of the property. Location should be given importance since this will be the environment wherein you as well as your family will be spending most of your time. So, you want to make sure to give yourself and your family a pleasing and delightful experience.

In Singapore, Piccadilly Grand is a future luxurious condo to be developed by City Developments Limited (CDL) and MCL Land. The joint project will be situated on Northumberland Road, in a likable and agreeable community of Farrer Park. In relation to location, the area provides great convenience as would-be residents would have easy access to numerous options for dining, entertainment and retails shops. Future residents of Piccadilly Grand will surely have an enjoyable stay since all their needs and wants are accessibly within walking distance.

Transportation won’t be a problem as the luxurious condo is connected to several public and private transportation which makes ranging over the area as well as other parts of Singapore trouble-free. So local amenities and those that are located in the city center and nearby towns would be easily accessible.

Children can attend one of the top-rated schools nearby as the Piccadilly Grand is situated near prestigious schools making the condo a good location for families. Parents will surely be happy to send their children in such schools. To learn more about what the upcoming Piccadilly Grand has to offer its future residents, visit piccadilly-grand-condo.com.sg.

Why Location Matters

Deciding where to live or reside is one of the most crucial decisions that families have to make. The location of where you decide to call your home can substantially or to a certain level impacts comfort, happiness, education, health, and security. Choosing a house, an apartment or a condo need to transcend financial factors. It must also consider convenience and accessibility to work, schools, medical facilities, shops, and transportation. The size of the place, comfort level, reputation, safety, as well as the amenities offered needs to be considered as well.