Some Things You Need To Know When Renting A Car In Poland

car rental in PolandPublic transportation is available a good way to get around cities in Poland. However, if you would want to an excellent way to travel independently and explore the countryside, renting a car is your best choice.

When looking for a company to hire a car, rental companies like allow travelers to rent a car even only for a day at a very affordable cost. But before doing so, there are some general information you need to know to ensure you would be able to rent a car in Poland and adhere to the rules of the road. Below are a few:

Conditions to Drive

To be able to rent a car in Poland, you have to be 21 years old with a valid driving license (issued at least a year). Other car rental companies would also require an international driving permit for non-citizens. Furthermore, some car rental companies may have a maximum age limit to rent a car, usually 70. Children 4 years and below are to be carefully secured in a car seat in the back-passenger seat, children 12 years and under or below 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) aren’t allowed to stay in the front-passenger seat.

rent a car in PolandCar Rental Insurance

Insurance is perhaps the most imperative thing to research and read on prior to renting a car in a country you aren’t familiar with such as Poland. When hiring a car, Poland’s insurance guidelines will be in force for the duration of the rental period. As soon as you book a rental, you will be receiving a car rental voucher carrying the details of your insurance tailored to your rental which is printed in the T&C section. Insurance coverage as well as waivers on collision damage are prevalent among car rental agencies. If you plan to pay the rental insurance with your credit card, contact your bank to verify coverage before you leave.

Speed Limits

The permissible speed limits are as follows unless speed limits signs tell otherwise:

  • Open roads is 100-110 km/h
  • Highways is 130 km/h
  • City limit is 50km/h from 5am to 11pm and 60 km/h 11pm to 5am
  • All cars are necessitated to always make use of the car headlights during the day and night.

Toll on Roads and Tunnels

When you drive in Poland, you will encounter numerous road and tunnel tolls which are payable in Euros and could charge from $3 to $4 CAD.

Car Parking

Parking discs are often used all over Poland and could be acquired at disc kiosk or electronic disc machines found in parking lots and are to be placed on the dashboard of the car. Parking on the left is only allowed on a one-way street.

Gas Stations

There are many gas stations in Poland that operate 24/7, but when you are off the main road and are in rural areas, make sure your gas tank is full enough since some gas stations in those area only open from 6am to 10 pm and may be closed on Sundays.