Sports in Kindergarten Education

Playing and running, doing handicrafts and discovering – the time in the day care center or in the kindergarten shapes the development of the children’s personality. Social interaction is encouraged and motor skills are developed. With movement and sports games, the children also work out and strengthen the muscles of the body.

Why physical activity is already important in kindergarten

It’s not just adults who spend longer in front of screens such as PCs or televisions. In the meantime, electronic devices of all kinds have become indispensable in the children’s room. As a result of digitization, smartphones and tablets are also in the hands of young people and are often used for hours. This long screen time is increasingly affecting the development of young children. Among other things, this leads to postural damage, restricts cognitive abilities, restricts movement and much more.

Nowadays, day-care centers and kindergartens often offer the only opportunity to create space for exercise and games. This social change and the resulting sedentary lifestyle have a negative effect on children. While up until a few years ago it was mainly adults who complained about the classic widespread diseases such as back pain, it is now also the case for adolescents. Even young people suffer from pain, are increasingly restricted in their movement and have an increasingly poor posture.

That is why it is very important to offer movement games in the day care center or kindergarten. Classic gymnastics lesson or creative movement ideas are perfect in kindergarten. Extensive movement offers have several advantages. On the one hand they improve motor development. On the other hand they can strengthen cognitive and social skills. In addition, sport contributes to health promotion, sharpens perception and helps to build self-confidence.

In short, sport in kindergarten is a decisive factor for the healthy development of small children. You can check cricket news and know more about sports around the world.

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Kindergarten children love exercise

Make sure that there are opportunities for exercise in the day care center and kindergarten.

Children want to move creatively, run, jump and play also to music. Support this natural urge with sensible joint exercises in kindergarten. In addition, offer the opportunity to go on excursions into nature. So the kids can move around a lot and experience nature.

As an educator or pedagogical specialist, you play a very special role in the upbringing and development of children. Their behavior has a direct impact on the children. So set a good example and show your offspring how much fun exercise and sport can be.