The Educational Effect of Camping

Modern society and children

Children grow up strong in all ages, Issues are unique to these time are addressed. At the central education council of the government, children’s problems so far are that interpersonal relationships are weak and there is no interaction with different ages and generations, and that there is a lack of direct experience such as nature experience and life experience. In addition, it has been raised as an issue that the motivation for learning is low and the communication ability is also reduced because the basic lifestyle is not acquired. It has also been pointed out that physical fitness and athletic ability have declined. And it is repeatedly stated that it is necessary to foster “zest for living” and to increase opportunities for life experience, social experience, and nature experience as necessary to solve these problems.

The Effects of  Educational Camping

In fact, many of the experiences that children need today are often seen in camping scenes. The camp provides many places for experience and is expected to have a high educational effect. Research has shown a lot about the educational benefits of camps. Broadly speaking, the effects on three aspects have been clarified.

The first is the effect related to individual growth. At the camp, there are various situations where you can challenge yourself, encourage your friends, and sometimes endure. Through such situations, self-esteem, self-efficacy, motivation for achievement, and morality are nurtured in children’s minds.

The second is the improvement of communication skills and human relations. In a group or group camping life, it is of course fun to play together, but there are various things such as acting with people who have different opinions, discussing and deciding something. There is a place for interaction and exchange of opinions, which improves individual communication skills and relationships.

And the third is to improve environmental awareness and nature awareness. At the camp, there are activities to directly interact with nature and local life, such as playing in the nearby sea and river, directly touching large trees in the forest, and experiencing the life itself in the area. Many are available. Through these activities, environmental awareness and nature awareness will be cultivated.

In camping life something should be accomplished and solved by group, a scene where you challenge yourself to a difficult or difficult thing and succeed, an opportunity to come into direct contact with real nature or natural objects and group participation. There are Leaders who can grasp the situation of the person and support them, sleep and live with friends. By making effective use of the place you can use lighting like hodelykt test this will help while you are in campsite site.