The Relevance of Double Glazed Windows in Present Times

What is a double glazed windows?

Multiple glass panes are are combined through an insulated glass unit (IGU)  into a single window system. Most IGUs are double glazed (two panes of glass) with three panes (triple glazing) or more becoming more common due to higher energy costs.  The panes of glass are separated by the air or gas. The glass is then fitted into window frames.

Double glazed windows are a perfect energy saving option and the same time minimizes noise. What serves as an insulation is the are the  sealed aired gap between the glass panes. The purpose of this is to minimize the air escaping during winder and makes your home more comfortable and provide good ambiance.

If you are planning to install a double glazed windows, MagicSeal NZ provides high quality double glazing system. MagicSeal’s Retrofit Double Glazing system improves your property’s thermal efficiency by reducing your energy costs. The major benefits are acoustic insulation; thermal insulation; increased warmth; UV protection and reducing condensation. MagicSeal helps to create a better place to live and contributes to direct power savings up to 20%. To keep your home warm in winter, and cool in Summer consider retrofitting, MagicSeal’s double-glazing to your existing windows today

Advantages of double glazed windows?

The advantages of double glazed windows are:

  1. Energy cost savings – the airtight construction of double glazed windows lessens the flow of incoming and outgoing heat. Through double glazing, less energy will be needed in order to heat up or cool down the space which will result to cheaper energy bills.
  2. Soundproof rooms- double glazed windows promote sound insulation by the airtight construction that creates the barrier between the home and the noise pollution in the environment.
  3. Safety- compared to single glazed windows, double glazed windows are safer and tougher to destroy. With that being said, the security at home will be increased.

Disadvantages double glazed windows?

However, there are also disadvantages from installing double glazed windows.

  1. Expensive- since double glazing ensures the safety at home and is more beneficial, it is more expensive.
  2. Cannot easily repaired- since the space between the two panes of glass is too tight it will be hard to bring it back.