Tips for Riding a Scooter to School

Going to school is not that exciting especially if we are taking public transportation. In most cases, commuting requires walking long distances. I know, you also  often ask to yourself “Why is my parents not lending me their car or taking me to school?” Well, you are not alone. I always ask that to myself as well. I used to hate going to school until recently, when electric scooters were developed. I was always wondering how come my parents are not very generous of me, now I know why and it is because they were preparing for something grand.

When I was still a kid, among all the other toy vehicles, scooter is what  I really like the most. I am just fascinated by how it works. But when I entered secondary education, I stopped almost everything just to focus on my studies. Now that I am in high school, I hate everything related to school, especially commuting. But when I started using scooter to go to school, it seems like all I want to do is to go school. However, my parents only allow me to use scooter when I go to school, which I think is beneficial for me because It kind of serve as a positive reinforcement.

I have been using electric scooter to go to school for almost two years now, and during those years, I learned a lot techniques and tips when riding an electric scooter:

1. Always Wear Helmet – never ever underestimate the scooter. Think of it as a vehicle, like any other cars and motorcycle. Regardless where you are driving, you will never know what I happen so it is better to be safe all the time.

2. Balance is the key- Before you bring your electric scooter to different places, make sure that you know how to balance properly. It is similar to learning how to ride a bike but in different vehicle.

3. Learn to love speed – the slower your speed, the harder it is to balance. But even when you are just practicing, try speeding up a little bit and build a momentum little by little.

4. Be comfortable – this i Think is the most popular. Be yourself and stay confident, put away your worries and just enjoy your ride.