What Makes A Good Educational Video?

We see many videos uploaded daily on YouTube and most of them are really great for learning for any age. This is the same as true as Keepvid online. While many videos are really good, there are some that are really poor in quality. So let’s take a look at how to make a good educational video for a better learning experience.

What Makes A Good Educational Video?

Right facts
While there is no real right or wrong when it comes to making up or cooking, it is of course particularly important for educational videos for schools that the facts and solutions conveyed are correct. When it comes to private videos, you can’t always be 100 percent sure. And nothing is more difficult than getting wrong knowledge out of your head. When learning with videos, you should make sure that the videos were created by professional editors. Then you can trust that your child will be given correct and didactically meaningful solutions.

Eject understanding anchor
A good learning video builds bridges to already known knowledge. It is easy for children to lose track in school lessons if background knowledge is simply assumed. Since learning works best according to the principle of networking, the learning video should throw out so-called understanding anchors. This means: The learners are reminded of the necessary prior knowledge at the beginning of the video and they can relate the new topics to what they already know.

Clear and structured
There are hardly any limits to your imagination when creating digital videos: animations, colors, music … With learning videos, however, less is sometimes a little more. The reduction to essential graphics, text and images helps the viewer to grasp the important facts and does not distract them. Complex relationships can be shown clearly. A clear structure with an introduction and a summary at the end helps your child learn with videos. Does that sound a bit boring now? That’s true. Because variety and tension are just as relevant in order not to lose the viewer’s attention. So the right balance is important.

Understandable language
Of course, a moderator who throws technical terms around seems particularly smart. But that won’t help if your child doesn’t know what they mean. So a learning video that explains complicated issues in simple and short sentences is really good.