Why Is It Worth Using Cydia IPad At A School?

Digital media have become an important part of everyday life. In order for children and adolescents to learn how to deal with it in this technological era, computer science is needed as a core topic in primary education.

The use of computers in the classroom can be taught separately. The best way to cover all learning goals is to integrate digital media into different subject areas. A Cydia iPad is the perfect piece of technology for this.


Few reasons in favor of the Cydia iPad

Library in the classroom

The iPad gives pupils access to thousands of books in many areas of interest. Apps like “MeBooks” contain a number of books for pupils of all ages.

Use less material

Instead of using tons of books and worksheets and putting the worksheets in folders, an iPad app or web tool enables pupils to solve a task exclusively with the tablet and the app tool.

Illustrate a topic

When learning a topic like Space or Ancient Greece, there are numerous apps like “Space Journey” or “Kids History Atlas” that can help pupils learn by illustrating the topic.

Working on the computer is a key issue

Since using computers has become a core topic with learning objectives in elementary school, it is quite possible to integrate iPads in different subjects in the classroom and at the same time cover other compulsory content.

Prepare for the future

IPads are important now but will continue to be very popular in the future. If you already learn how to use it now, it will be easier to master all future developments or technologies that will find their way into the classroom.

Huge number of controlled apps

There is an app for each subject that can be used in the classroom. That means a dozen apps with a dozen different themes can be used on a single iPad.

Easy internet access

The Internet is a powerful tool and useful for research of any kind. With iPads in the classroom, pupils are given immediate access to the Internet.

Web tools

It doesn’t always have to be apps. There are many good websites out there that specialize in one feature. The iPad provides the technology to use these tools optimally for the classroom.